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Feng Shui Astrology
2 April 2020

Feng Shui Astrology

Feng Shui astrology is based on one of the oldest astrological systems called the 9 Star Ki. It is based on the year you are born, so you are born under one of the 9 principals. To work out your star number, take the last two numbers from your birth year and add them together. If the number is under 10, then subtract it from 10 to give you your Star Number. If it’s more than ten, add those two numbers together and subtract that from 10 to get your Star Number. Below are some of the characteristics of those born under each of the 9 Ki.


STAR 1 – a passionate and loving personality. You have good communication skills and people tend to turn to you for advice. You may be stubborn at times, and love to get your own way, but don’t let that worry you, it’s part of your charm. Flowers linked to this star sign are lilies and trailing plants.

STAR 2 – you like working with others, and are often a source of inspiration to them. As you are a very caring person there is a chance that others may see you as someone they can take advantage of, so be on your guard. For you, relaxing gives you the inspiration to form new ideas and you could go far, if only you had the courage of your convictions and followed some of your ideas through. Flowers linked to this sign are tulips and sunflowers.

STAR 3 – you seem to spend your life chasing your dreams, which change all the time. You are much loved by those around you, and your opinions are valued, thanks to your active mind. Although you tend to see the good in people, you can be gullible at times, preferring your heart over your head. Flowers linked to this sign are buttercups and poppies.

STAR 4 – you are receptive to the ideas of others and tend to be able to see all sides of an argument. This makes you a good mediator when called upon, and you are always seen as fair. Old friends are always welcome in your life and lasting friendships mean a lot to you, but don’t neglect new friendships. Flowers linked to this sign are bluebells and daisies.

STAR 5 – for you, being at the centre of attention is wonderful and you love being in the limelight. You prefer being with a crowd of people rather than being alone. One thing you thrive on is challenge! Given a problem you won’t rest until you have sorted it out, no matter how long it takes. Flowers linked to this sign are daffodils and lilies.

STAR 6 – a good leader who loves a challenge. Noted for setting goals and calculating how to make them become a reality, but also seen as being a little bit too fussy by other. Sometimes you can be a little too sensitive, so need to harden up and make a stand on what you believe in. Flowers linked with this sign are peonies and buttercups.

STAR 7 –you love the good thing in life and would rather party than work. Friendships mean a lot to you, but you need to stop letting new friends monopolise you at the expense of the old ones. You enjoy a good gossip, but don’t let your tongue run away with you. Flowers lniked to this sign are tulips and iris’s.

STAR 8 – having a strong sense of justice is very important to you and you hate being let down. Your practical nature helps with dealing with problems, and is helped by you not diving in to a situation head first. Remember to allow yourself some treats from time to time, so spoil yourself with something nice. Flowers linked to this sign are narcissus and daffodils.

STAR 9 – with your positive outlook on life you are assured of success when you want something. Although you have many friends, you tend not to allow them to get too close to you. Maybe let your hair down once in a while and really enjoy yourself. Stop being so critical of yourself. Flowers linked to this sign are pansies and anemones.

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