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How do Psychic Readings Work?
7 September 2020

How do Psychic Readings Work?

Despite their ever-growing popularity, many people still get confused about what exactly a psychic reading is, and how they work. By its simplest definition, a psychic reading is an attempt to gather information through a range of extrasensory perceptive abilities. These extrasensory abilities are essentially extensions of the human senses — sight, sound, touch, smell, taste and instinct.

Your psychic will pick up on information about yourself and your future using these amazing and intuitive abilities, using the energy you give off as well as any cues from your body language or speech. But there is a lot more to a psychic reading than just going on intuition and extrasensory perception, and many psychic mediums will use other skills such as tarot cards and contacting the spirit world.

How Do Psychic Readings Work?

Once you have decided which one of our talented psychics you wish to work with and have a reading from, the process of a reading will begin. Make sure before a reading that you have questions ready for your reader, whether that be about your love life, or about a possible career promotion. This will help the reading run much smoother and help you to get the answers you need.

The process of your reading depends on which type of reading you choose, as well as the skills of your chosen psychic. If you have chosen a Zoom psychic reading with tarot cards, then the psychic will first ask you for your name and your intention for the reading, before ‘charging’ the cards with positive, cleansing energy. Then, he/she will spread out the cards and begin the tarot card reading.

Your chosen psychic will explain the process of the reading before it begins, in order to put you more at ease. Each psychic reading will be unique to the individual and will depend on the skills and psychic chosen. Do not be put off if you do not get the reading you were hoping for, do some more research and try again with a psychic who is a better fit for you.

What Kind of Reading?

As well as tarot card readings, there are also psychic readings available with numerology, spirit guides, fairy cards, astrology and even clairvoyant readings. Each type of skill will suit different needs and individuals, so make sure you do some research beforehand on what will work best for you and what you need answered.

We have soulmate tarot card readings available for when you need advice and guidance on your love life and where to find your true soulmate. We can also contact a recently deceased relative, friend, or pet, using a photo of them or one that meant a lot to the both of you.

On top of the different skills available, there are different forms and mediums of readings available too. You can choose from phone call, text, Zoom call, email, photo readings, and even personalised astrology charts. Of course, each one is more suited for different situations and walks of life.

If you are busy and on-the-go and would like a quick and easy way of getting a professional psychic reading, then choose either a text or email reading. For a more in-depth reading, either a phone or Zoom call would be more preferable for you. If you are unsure about which would be best for you personally, then give our lovely receptionists a quick call on 0207 553 5000.

Why Choose A Professional Psychic?

Here at Crystal Clear Psychics, we have a whole host of pre-approved and vetted authentic psychics who are all experts in their field. We’re also much more affordable than most other online psychic forums and walk-in psychic shops.

We believe that choosing a professional psychic who has been checked and verified is a much better and safer option than going elsewhere. This prevents the chance of being scammed out of your hard-earned money, and allows you to get a genuine and meaningful reading, using their psychic ability, that will give you the answers you need.

Each of the reputable psychics on our site have a profile you can check before booking in for a reading, so that you can check their reviews from other customers, their skillset and if it matches with your needs, and a brief overview of their experience and journey into psychic power and mediumship.

There is a lot that goes into each psychic reading, and each one of our expert psychics treats them with respect and care, ensuring that you get the guidance you need. Whether you choose to go with a tarot card reading, help with contacting your spirit guides, or a more in-depth personal astrology chart, when you have an amazing psychic reading, you leave feeling invigorated and motivated.

If you need more information about how psychic readings work, or if you just have any questions about readings in general, then please contact us either through our online form or by calling one of our friendly receptionists on 0207 553 5000.

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