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New Moon in Gemini Friday 22 May 2020 18:39 BST
22 May 2020

New Moon in Gemini Friday 22 May 2020 18:39 BST


The New Moon today is very, very special. It brings much needed luck and reward for our efforts. Expect changes - bonuses, promotions, proposals, new contracts, a confirmation of a new home and also a new pet coming into your life - for those who have wished it! 

Why? Look at the beautiful blue lines that link Jupiter with the Moon and the Sun. This is not an everyday occurrence it is a once in a year occurrence. I do believe that many of us will be offered a special gift this month which will transform our lives. Be sure to notice and recognise it as this doesn’t happen often. Open your arms and welcome it!

On a quieter and more subtle note you might find yourself in the presence of serendipity if you’ve made a loss. I call it a hidden blessing. Someone generous might just send a few gifts your way. This is definitely a wish fulfilling day, week and three weeks ahead. Be prepared to be happily surprised. 

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