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Which Zodiac Sign is the Kindest?
13 May 2021

Which Zodiac Sign is the Kindest?

“Kind hearts are the gardens. Kind thoughts are the roots. Kind words are the blossoms. Kind deeds are the fruits.”Kirpal Singh 

The 12 signs of the Zodiac are unique in many ways, all having a diverse range of qualities and traits (positive and negative). However, when it comes to the question of ‘who is the kindest?’, the levels of compassion and kindness shown by some signs are shown more prominently than others. 

Our Top 5 Kindest Zodiac Signs 

We’ve put together a list of our top 5 kindest Zodiac signs, in no particular order. A word of caution don’t take their kindness for granted. If you get on their wrong side, they’ll have no problem giving you the cold shoulder! 

1) Aquarius - As true humanitarians of the Zodiac world, this air signs passion for standing up for what’s right, spreading kindness and fairness across the human race will literally take your breath away! Striving for social change and not ones to easily conform, Aquarians are known for being ‘fighters for the people’ and will out and out challenge anyone who tries to restrict the freedom and independence of others. This lover of humanity is definitely one to have on your side when it comes to the kindness stakes. Aquarians, while your focused on the bigger picture and trying to save the world, don’t forget to share your kindness and compassion with the individuals closest to you in your life too! 

2) Libra - Always ready to see both sides of the coin. Believers in true justice, Librans are concerned with balance and harmony in their relationships. Seeking equilibrium in all areas of their lives is a key factor in their mission of spreading joy, friendship and kindness to those around them. This thoughtful sign is not one for conflict, always trying to keep everyone happy. However, at times this passion for doing what's right and keeping the peace can take its toll, so Librans need to remember to make time for self-care and show themselves the same level of kindness, compassions and fair judgement they show to others. 

3) Pisces - Ruled by their emotions and driven by their intuition, Pisceans are true empaths, absorbing the feelings and energies of the people and the environments around them. Their compassion and love shown towards others places them high up on the kindness scales. Pisceans are full of creativity and manifesting their dreams into reality is extremely important. Bundled with their creativity is their passion for inspiring others by sharing their hopes, dreams and positive energies, helping those around them to also reach their goals and dreams. Being so spiritually and emotionally attuned to their natural environment and the feelings of others can also be draining for Pisceans, so they’ll benefit from having a spiritual cleanse to help them unclog their energy flows. 

4) Taurus – Their reputation for being the stubborn Zodiac sign of the pack can often leave Taureans personalities being misunderstood. It would be easy to assume them not to be on the kindness list, but once you break through their wall of stubbornness, you’ll soon realise that Taureans are extremely loyal, compassionate, and would do anything to support their friends and family. Although they love the finer things in life, they value hard work and have no issue rolling up their sleeves and mucking in with everyone else, ready to give friends, family, loved ones and even strangers a helping hand when they need it due to their grounded nature. They are very devoted to those in their life, but sometimes their devotion can clash with their stubbornness, meaning they can linger on situations too long despite their good intentions. Taureans, learn to take a step back and practice mindfulness to help you reflect and re-frame the situations and challenges around you so you can carry on sharing your love, kindness and affection. 

5) Gemini - Double the trouble or double the fun? Many often mistake the Gemini twin symbol to stand for two facedness, but in fact Geminis are full of energy and passion and a force to be reckoned with when it comes to driving change and transformation. If you’ve got a new project or idea to work on, they’ll be your greatest cheerleader for spreading motivation and positivity. Geminis are great talkers and often seen to be the life of the party, but it is their body language you need to keep an eye on. They are extremely self-expressive, and at times they may say the wrong thing being so talkative, but their body language and actions are worth a thousand words when it comes to how they show their kindness, affection and respect to others and their views. 

Let the games begin...where does your Zodiac sign fit into our top kindest Zodiac signs list? Well, this may be one up for discussion, maybe over a coffee with friends, a family dinner or while having a catch up in the park! 

Spiritual Growth – Your Zodiac Sign & Positive Flows 

Sometimes we just need to step away from the drama! Whatever your Zodiac sign, whoever you are, young or old, rich or poor, we all have the ability and power within us to show kindness and compassion, not only to others, but to ourselves on a daily basis. The key is to always remember that choosing a path of kindness, harmony and balance over the need to be right can guide us on our path to restoring our spiritual balance, enhance our positive energies and raise our emotional and spiritual vibrations. 

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