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Is Your Relationship for Real?
24 April 2020

Is Your Relationship for Real?

While some people are lucky enough to meet and marry their true love at an early age, many will suffer heartbreak and countless bad relationships before finding a compatible partner who completes them. But how can you tell if your relationship is built to stand the test of time, or destined to failure?

Check your Love Sign Compatibility

Western and Chinese astrology teach us that the date and year of birth play a significant role in our lives and personalities. They can also give us valuable insight into our love lives, and provide us with information about what partners are most suitable. By consulting the star signs of yourself and your partner you can identify whether your relationship is blessed or cursed by the stars.

Chinese Calendar Compatibility Chart

The Chinese astrological calendar assigns an animal to each year of birth, and every twelve years this cycle comes full-circle. The animal assigned to each year is used to express succinctly the various personality archetypes shared by people born in the same year. Based on these characteristics shared by individuals born at each point of the astrological cycle, it is possible to determine how compatible individuals are. Using the simplified chart below, you can identify your Chinese birth year and that of your partner to see how compatible you are.While these compatibility factors are by no means set in stone, they can provide useful indicators of the success of any given relationship. They can also help in working out whether a struggling relationship is worth saving, or if it is always going to be an uphill struggle by two incompatible lovers.Use the Zodiac to rediscover your partnerThe Western Zodiac meanwhile can tell us a lot about the love styles and behaviour of those born under star signs. For example, Leos are faithful lovers, but if treated badly or unfairly they can become cold. Capricorns meanwhile are calculating and may take a while to warm to the affections of a lover. By arming yourself with this knowledge you can begin to better understand your partner, their actions and the dynamic in your relationship.Once you have studied the love characteristics of both of your star signs and learned about the theoretical dynamic in your relationship, you can then begin to apply what you have learned in the real world.

With this new perspective, ask yourself key questions about your relationship, past and present. It may be that behaviour that previously seemed incomprehensible is a little more understandable in this new light.This knowledge can also help you to attune to the love vibrations between yourself and your partner, and to interpret signs that may otherwise lie hidden beneath the surface.

To delve even deeper, you may also find it of benefit to consult a love psychic who is trained to understand the subtle energies of your love.Using Tarot cards to predict your relationships successTarot cards can also be used to provide a reading about the true nature of your relationship. A love tarot reading can put your relationship with your partner in a new light, and reveal things that would otherwise remain unseen. When you feel that your partner has put up a brick wall between the two of you, the tarot cards can help to illuminate their true motives and intentions.With some practice, it is possible to conduct a Tarot reading yourself. It may however be more effective to consult a professional Tarot card reader, as they can view the cards impartially from an outside perspective, while also having years of experience which has taught them to interpret the cards with greater accuracy.Follow your heart, listen to your mindAny of these methods can help you to gain a greater understanding of your relationship and whether it will last, but the most important thing is to pay close attention, to both your heart and your mind.

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