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Am I Psychic?
1 April 2020

Am I Psychic?

Here we’ll look at some of the different ways in which a person may be psychic so that you may be able to establish for yourself if you think you have ability. The main types of psychic abilities are called ‘Clair’s’. This denotes the type of ability being used. Here in the physical world we have many different forms of receiving information eg. by ‘phone, email, text, letter etc. Psychic messages can also be received by several methods.

Clairvoyance – 3rd eye – is an intuitive sense - it means ‘clear vision’. The messages received are often just in symbol form such as a number, colour, sound, smell although a complete picture or scene may also be visualised. It is the interpretation of the information that is the gift!

Clairsentience – means ‘clear feeling’ and involves the ability to receive messages through the feelings such as emotions and moods. They can pick up an atmosphere in a situation. A good use of this could be when someone tells you a lie and you know instinctively that it is just that – a lie.

Clairaudience – means ‘clear hearing’. This is the ability to hear those things that others cannot. It is a form of intuition, such as knowing instinctively when someone is being troubled due to the inner words or descriptions they alone can hear.

Claircognisance – meaning ‘clear knowing’. This is the ability to know something for certain, but without any factual evidence to back it up. Again, this is an intuition where a thought or idea can just come into your head randomly. An example of this comes from those who report they didn’t board a certain flight as they just knew something bad would happen, then that flight crashes. Another example is when someone just knows that someone they are close to is in danger or becomes ill.

There are other known forms of psychic ability, but those above are the most common and therefore the most likely that you may experience.

So what can you do to check if you think you may have any of these abilities? Start by making notes on anything you feel may lead you to think you may have an ability, such as trying to think of your surroundings and test yourself to discover what you sense, feel or hear. Write everything down as over time you may find links forming which will point you in the direction of a possible psychic ability! When your phone rings, do you instinctively know who is calling before you answer it? Can you feel a sense that something is about to happen before it does?

We all have some level of psychic ability within us, but the degree of it and the use we make of it is as different and unique as we are.


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