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Unlock Your Psychic Potential
19 March 2020

Unlock Your Psychic Potential

While we are all aware of the five senses, few are aware of the other senses that allow us to see, hear and experience things far beyond the physical world. Most people perceive psychic abilities as a privilege of the gifted, yet abilities such as clairvoyance, telepathy, clairaudience and intuition are innate in all of us. All we need to do is unlock and develop them to their full potential.

Latent Psychic Talents

Many believe they have no psychic abilities at all. However, take the time to talk to these people and you will find that all of them have had psychic experiences at some point. Things like deja vu, a gut feeling or knowing who is on the other end of the telephone before you answer it are all examples of the psychic talents we are all born with. Unfortunately, in this modern age, few are given the time or inclination to tap these reserves and use them in daily life. Instead, we focus on developing our physical forms and using mental abilities to deal with the stresses and strains we encounter.

Even our ancient ancestors used their psychic abilities. There is evidence to suggest that cave paintings were used as an early form of positive thinking. Pictures of prey would be daubed on the walls, focusing the psychic energies of the tribe on attaining what they really needed - in this case, food. So if we could harness our hidden gifts, consider how much more we could achieve in our lives, both for ourselves and for others.

Developing your Subconscious Mind

The leap from turning a gut feeling into fully formed intuition, or uncanny ability to guess correctly into a precognitive talent, isnt a great one. All it requires is the development of your subconscious mind. The subconscious is a powerful psychic tool. Only by accessing it can you discover what your psychic strengths are.

The secret is to repeatedly instruct you subconscious to develop your abilities. Your subconscious doesnt know the difference between real and imagined events. When you become involved in a book or a film, your subconscious reacts accordingly, creating physical responses. Feelings of tension, fear or joy seem real, despite your surface knowledge that the situation is fictitious. Using this knowledge, any instructions given to the subconscious are interpreted as real. Therefore, if you want to develop your innate psychic powers, all you have to do is tell your unconscious mind, and it will go to work.

You may already have an idea as to what your psychic strength is, whether it is based on a sense of things that are about to happen or the seeming ability to know what others are thinking and feeling. The first step in developing your gifts is accessing your subconscious, and the best way to do this is meditation.

Achieving a trance-like state is easier than you might think. Most of us have experienced driving a car and being unable to recall certain parts of the journey. This is because conscious mind has taken a back seat and the subconscious has come to the foreground. Daydreams are also like this. But with meditation, you can allow the subconscious to surface, while maintaining an awareness that allows you to issue positive instructions. During these light trances, tell your subconscious to reveal your psychic strength and develop it. This may manifest itself as visualizing events that have happened and scenarios that you create. The subconscious will absorb these if they are presented in a positive light.

Write it Down

After each meditation, keep a diary. Note how you feel and also note any significant events that happen between sessions. Before the next meditation, look at the diary and visualize the events, recreating what happened and how you felt. Bring these images and feelings with you as you enter your next trance. This gives your subconscious reference material to look on and decide what areas need to be strengthened.

Developing your psychic gifts is never a story of overnight success, but you will notice subtle changes very soon through diligent practice. Typically, the intuition will develop first. As one of our primary survival senses from the past, it is the gift that most people can access quickly. As you improve your connection with the subconscious, and your intuition develops, your strongest psychic abilities will reveal themselves.

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