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Where are my Loved Ones Now?
3 April 2020

Where are my Loved Ones Now?

Something that clients often worry about is where, exactly, their Loved Ones are, now that they have passed away?

Most formal religions in the world promote the idea that our souls ‘go’ somewhere, and Christianity in particular focuses on the idea that when we die we either go up to Heaven, or, if we have not led a very good life, we go down to Hell.

Since I began offering my services to others as a Medium, I have spoken to many, many souls in the Spirit world, from all walks of life and who had lived life in a range of different ways from the very kind and generous, to those who intended and inflicted pain and harm on others when they were here. I speak to many who chose to end the pain of their human experience by taking their own life, and those who left as a baby – or even, didn’t quite make it through but grew up in the Spirit world. All, without exception, live on in the Spirit dimension. The best mediums I have spoken to, have been able to give me unique validations to prove there is a connection.

To understand where Spirit actually are, we have first to set aside the human understanding of Space and Time. We are brought up to understand that the physical world we experience with our five senses is all there is, and that time is linear (it starts in the past and moves through the present to the future).

Actually, neither of those concepts is strictly true.

Our experience of the physical world is limited to what our five senses are capable of detecting – so yes, this is our reality. However, when we step outside human form, we as Spirit are pure energy and as such are not constrained by human senses – we can ‘be’ wherever we choose to be and in a sense, we are both ‘nowhere’ and ‘everywhere’. Time as a linear experience is also based on the fact that from the moment we are born, we are degenerating towards the point the human body wears out or ceases to operate. Linear time allows us a reference framework to interact with other humans in a common understanding – can you imagine the chaos if we had no way of determining a common point in the future? Even the earliest humans, before timekeeping as we know it today, knew when to gather together by observing the seasons and the movement of the sun, stars and planets!

If you want to connect with your loved ones who have passed over, make sure you speak to one of the best mediums in our psychic team. Our best mediums go through a four-level test process to ensure they are genuine and gifted.

Do You Sense Your Loved Ones Around You?

Once we move to the Spirit world, then, we are no longer bound by time and space – so, actually, your Loved Ones are occupying exactly the same space as you are, just in pure energy form so that you cannot experience them with your five human senses. 

However, that inbuilt radar we all have, our ‘sixth sense’ or intuition, DOES sometimes pick up their energetic presence – so if you feel that your Loved One is standing right behind you, or you ‘sensed’ their presence in the room – you’re right!

As for Time – there’s no such thing for Spirit, which is why they will often, in a reading, give me information for my client which references past, present AND future that the Spirit has already ‘seen’. And it also explains why, once I get into a conversation with Spirit in a reading, it would go on and on if I didn’t keep an eye on the clock! 

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