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We are proud to work with the most gifted and highly skilled psychics, mediums, clairvoyants and tarot readers in the UK
and many of our readers have decades of experience in their work.


We believe that genuine testimonials are proof of our client’s honest feedback about their experience with us
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testimonials (177)

Absolutely Fantastic

Dear Allan, you are brilliant, absolutely fantastic, in all my life I have never come across a reader as amazing as you. For the first time ever someone has told me the truth it was outstanding and exciting , and it just flowed from you with such ease. From my heart to yours thank you for my new beginnings. You truly are a beautiful soul.

Kind, Caring Reader

Ann is a warm kind caring reader…she answered all my questions with warmth and explained and guided me accordingly in my journey…while talking to Ann I felt so relaxed she is very caring and will definitely guide you with lots of love and care…thank you Ann I really appreciate your guidance.

Consistent Information

Want to thank her as I really missed her when she was away, she is the only psychic for me! I`ve always been delighted to use Crystal Clear Psychics and have done for so for a while and although all of the other psychics are excellent they have only been able to give so much information. Linda is the only one who has given me consistent information. Thank you.

Feel More Content

I`ve just had a reading with Amethyst, and wanted to let you know how pleased I was with it. She has a soothing manner and as a result of speaking to her I feel more content.

Kindness and Care

I have just started using Linda and I just want to say thank you to her for all her kindness and care during our readings. A couple of things came up that only I would have known yet she was able to tell me!

True Predictions

I have been speaking with Andrea for over seven years and I'm actually quite embarrassed that it has taken me this long to write another testimonial for her. It's not that I have not thought about it before but when you come to describe the level of talent and true predictions that this psychic has, words often fail you. I could sit and write a long winded testimonial however suffice it to say Andrea is quite simply the best psychic I have ever spoken to and trust me I have spoken to over 100 easily. Every prediction she has given me from day one, even if it is not what I want to hear, has come true. She is an amazing psychic clairvoyant and you don't know what youre missing if you haven't already spoken to her. Andrea thank you so much for everything that you have done for me and that you continue to do. You really are the best psychic that I have ever come across. Looking forward to what's coming up and with speaking to you again soon. Thanks again

Incredibly Helpful

Incredibly helpful and wonderfully spot on, thank you so much for my reading Andrea.

Lovely Reading

Thank you for a lovely reading, you were very in touch with my delicate situation, I found you very exact and loved your gentle and friendly approach. My future looks hopeful, such a lovely person I will most definitely choose Andrea again in the future

Very Happy

Andrea was very spot on, she really helped me this morning. She went in depth to tell me how somebody was feeling, very detailed. I really enjoyed talking to her. I was very impressed and very happy.


If you want to speak to someone who will get to the point with accuracy and sensitivity Karena is the one to call. She is so easy to speak with she may become your best friend!

Warm and Understanding

My two fav are Karena & Selina--they both are warm & understanding..take their time and advised me regarding my situation.


Megan is fabulous, amazing. Making a connection was easy and I am very happy and emotional about how well it went.

Good Practical Advice

Megan connected really quickly, she was accurate and gave good practical advice, It was like she was me!


The reading with Megan was incredible I didn't need to ask direct questions, Megan knew what to say, she is very warm and consoling.

Amazingly Gifted

Amazingly gifted multidimensional clairvoyant that does not need to ask questions, she tunes in immediately giving so much accurate evidence and information. She is heartfelt and warming, yet tells you the facts. Thank you Jessica you are an inspiration and uplifting.

The Real Deal

I had a reading with Jessica this morning and my issue was a little bit different then what she specialises in. She asked me what I would like to focus on and she went from there. She read me like a story book without any information. Wow she is great! She is the real deal, spot on, accurate as they can come. I have had a lot of readings and I will definitely call her in the future. She can tune into anything your heart desires no matter what is it. Does not have to be what her specialities show in her bio. Sweet compassionate and kind. I was absolutely mesmerised by her gift!

Changed my Life

Jessica is one of the very best psychics I have ever encountered. She is a great listener and she demonstrates excellent understanding of your life situations and events. She is good at helping you to make sense of past situations and supporting you to move forward with life. Working with these psychics and the Crystal Clear service has changed my life.


I had a session with Jessica and I would like to say she is fantastic and picks up on everything. I have spoken to her before and she has always been great, some of her predictions have happened for me

Awesome Reading

Could you please pass on to Jessica my thanks for her reading. It was absolutely amazing. So very different from any others that I have ever had. So special. It showed me that I had finally reached a spiritual pathway without even being aware. My dream has been realised. I am doing what I should be doing and all the guidance I need is in place. I am in the right place for me at this time. Material things and day to day worries are immaterial in the greater bigger scheme of things . At last I can rise above the trivial and find what is truly important in this lifetime. Thank you Jessica for a truly awesome reading. I await my destiny with both arms open. Love and Light, Denice

Knowledgeable and Inspiring

Amazing and spot on in my reading with Neelam. Absolutely spot on with my life and what's going on. Gave me dates to be aware off coming up and excellent guidance on important decisions. In great detail Neelam helped me to clarify past personal family situations and how to go forward with it. She gave great insight into birth charts of family members and a way forward that really uplifted me. A very knowledgeable and Inspiring Lady. Thank you so much Neelam.


l just had a reading with Neelam, who was giving me a reading through my mum and was telling me my future for this year and next, incredible. Many thanks Neelam. May 2018

Very Pleased

Thank you so much Neelam very pleased with my reading today.

So Precise

I want to say Selina in such a lovely person to talk to. She puts you at ease and is easy to talk to. You don't have to tell her anything and she picks up on everything and is so precise.

Really Cares

I had a session with Selina and she is the most amazing person, she really cares and is very on point in what she says.


First ever reading with Selina, who was brilliant – she read me like a book and she brightened my day.

Connected with my Husband

Selina, connected with my husband in spirit right away, he was able to give me the messages I needed. Very accurate reading.

Cloud Nine

A honest, sympathetic psychic that tunes in straight away to you and your loved ones, giving accurate evidence that only you will relate to. She leaves you feeling hopeful and uplifted in her down to earth caring approach. Thank you Selina for lifting me up on cloud nine and making me laugh with some of your insights.

Outstanding Reader

Selina is an outstanding reader, she is very accurate and confident in her predictions. I am a scientist/engineer who is very open-minded yet sceptical about psychic readings, yet I am fully confident in Selina and I do feel she has an amazing and very empathetic insight. I would recommend Selina straigh taway! She does not sugar coat but tell you what she sees and how confident she is in her insight. She is a lovely woman with a wonderful voice to talk to :-). Thank you Selina for being my sensitive reader! I miss England...Basia from Perth


I was most impressed with Selina, she is amazing, her descriptions about situations/ details were very accurate, she is WOW. She has a sympathetic personality and a lovely demeanour.

Predictions Came True

Gwyneth is lovely and kind.I only spoke to her twice and know for sure I will in the of her predictions came true which I thank her was about a big sum of money she was so accurate she is just WOW...she is very friendly and easy to talk to...and made me feel so at ease...she tells you how it is...thank you one amazing lady xx

Absolutely Great!

Lily has been reading for me for well over a year now and she is absolutely great. She picks up on things that are going on around me with a lot of accuracy and offers some really helpful insight. She often picks up too, on my family members in spirit which is a great comfort and the details she talks about are fascinating as no-one else could possibly know about them but me! Lily has been a great help and support in helping me deal with some pretty horrible family stuff that has been going on, and is a lovely, kind and honest reader. Thank you Lily!

Lisa, UK


The reading I had with Lily was outstanding. I really enjoyed speaking with her. Information was very accurate.

Mrs S, Ohio

Extremely Intuitive

I had one of the very best readings ever with Lily. She is extremely intuitive to the point where she was able to give me names of family members past/present. She has a gentle, warm and straightforward style. It was a real pleasure to speak with her. Thank You so much Lily! You will be hearing from me again! (April 2020)

Rose Nottingham

Wonderful Reader

Greta is a wonderful reader, she is very consistent, clear and precise, I am grateful to have had Greta for my readings.

Mrs S, USA

Divinely Gifted Reader

Neelam is an incredibly and divinely gifted reader. She linked in so intuitively with me and gave me an amazing experience. She lifted me and gave me a sense of clarity. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone. (April 2020)

Kay, USA

Incredibly Insightful

Andrea is incredibly insightful, intuitive and truly a genuine reader, I just had to call and highly recommend Andrea to others. Thank you (April 2020)


Great Reading

I had a great reading with Gabriella what she predicted, partially came true and that she has been right on many things. (December 2019)



Gabriella was excellent, spot on with everything, very thoughtful and intuitive.

Mrs C, London


Very accurate and detailed and takes time to explain things.

JH, Washington

Warm and Understanding

My two fav are Karena & Selina--they both are warm & understanding..take their time and advised me regarding my situation.

Sania, California

Most Incredible

I have had many incredible seers in the past on your great site, but the reading I had today was the most incredible thus far thank you.


Predictions Came True

Very accurate, her prediction came true within 2 days, much to my amazement.

Mrs B, Dawlish

The reading was amazing

I have had many readings with your readers and all of them been great, but the reading with Melody was the more detailed and in depth. I felt so reassured in my life and my journey for the first time. She is very direct and tells you how it is. The reading was amazing, she takes her time to guide you. She might not say things you want to hear but she is very honest and guides you accordingly. This is the best reading I had so far. Thank you, Melody, you are very warm and kind and guide the person with a good heart. You are the best, you can`t even imagine how much you helped me. Lots of love and light to you xx

BM, Gloucester


Melanie is awesome, the sheer definition of a clairvoyant.

Mrs S, Ohio

Spot On

Vaani is a natural born healer,she has really helped me to get to where I needed to be, her advice is spot on and each session is greater than the last.

K, Ohio

Wonderful Reader

Greta is a wonderful reader, she is very consistent, clear and precise, I am grateful to have had Greta for my readings.

Mrs S USA April 2020

Greta is Amazing

Greta was absolutely amazing, and spot on with everything she told me, which included names, occupation, next steps as in what I am doing. She blew my mind,Greta is amazing.

Rose, Nottingham, March 2020

Very Precise

My reading with Greta was absolutely amazing, and so very precise, I`m so happy that I rang in.

Sharon, March 2020

Truly Outstanding

I had amazing reading with Greta. She was amazing, truly outstanding. I would highly recommend her.

Louise, UK, Jan 2020

Spot On

What an amazing reader Greta is. Words cannot describe the reading I have just had with her. She was spot on, even down to names, and not common ones at that! I will definitely have more reading with her, I feel lifted. Greta is a warm beautiful person, non-judgemental, humble but so, so gifted. I would recommend her to anyone.

Katie from Cheshire, June 19

Genuinely Amazed

I had my first reading with Greta today and I asked her for a general reading. I was genuinely amazed by some of the things that she picked up with absolutely no prompting. They were things that she could never have guessed about and they gave me huge confidence in her abilities. I found her warm, very gifted, insightful and reassuring. I will definitely be talking to her again. Thanks so much Greta.

Karen Feb 2019

Lovely Inspiring Lady

I just wanted to say I have just had the most amazing reading from Greta. She was so spot on with everything she said, and most of all she had my grandfather with her and she described him and his dog, this was such a great comfort to me as I lost him when I was 13 and have missed every day since. Greta was so wonderful to talk to I could have chatted with her all night, what a lovely inspiring lady she is and I would recommend her to anyone.

AJW, Cwmbran, Dec 18

She is just WOW!

Greta is so accurate! She gave me dates, days and it happened as she predicted. She is just WOW! I speak to many readers, all of them are great. Greta is very good with time scales, all her predictions unfolded. She is very kind and lovely, she reads for you from the bottom of her heart. Thank you, Greta, you ever so kind and very honest. Love and light and blessing, you gave me hope in the time of struggles, light when I felt I was in darkness. God bless you xx

BM Gloucester Dec 2018

Greatest Medium on Planet Earth

Greta is the greatest Medium on planet earth,she taps directly into my husband every single time. She is so amazing, I thank God for Greta.

Karla,Ohio, Mar 18

Greta is highly recommended!

I usually speak to another who provides, clear, accurate and supportive readings, however today I also has the opportunity to have a reading with Greta. I can happily say that I have been fortunate to have two readers who provide accuracy in the details and know from the first minute what is going on for me and the road ahead. Greta is highly recommended!

Thank you, Jen Mar 18

Marvellous Psychic Medium

Greta is a marvellous psychic medium, connecting quickly and accurately to my passed over loved ones. She is gentle, sweet and kind with a wealth of knowledge and spiritual experience. With a softly spoken voice she provides sound help and guidance. Every now and again during the call I couldn`t help but gasp out loud, "Haahh" at how precise she was, amazing! Being a medium myself I`m able to discern that she is the real deal (and I`m not easy to please I can tell you) and Greta only delivers high quality messages with honesty and compassion. Greta was very patient with me and she`s a really lovely lady. Thank you so much again and God bless you too.

Jennifer from Kent.

Changed my Whole Outlook

Greta the most accurate medium I have ever experienced, the reading with Greta has changed my whole outlook on my husbands transition. From grief to joy.

Mrs B Ohio

Amazing Medium

Suzanna was very thorough and an amazing medium. She had direct communication with my loved one. She is one of the best. As a company, I love you guys. You guys are the truth. Angels from heaven – all of you!

Karla, April 2020

The Best Psychic

Allan is the most clear and accurate reader I have come across. He doesn`t just pick up on energies and situations in a vague way. He gives information in the clearest manner, as if talking to a person who`s actually involved in the situation. The reading I had with him today was amazing! I booked a 20min reading but it was extended to 1 hour. So much to talk about as if he were in the situation himself. He`s the best psychic, on here and compared to other psychics I see face to face.

V from Sydney, 18.07.2014

Best Readers

Allan is one of the best readers that I have talked to and I would recommend him to anybody that would like to get in contact with loved ones that passed. Allan knows what to do. He is very passionate.

Josie, Hawaii, USA 25.09.14

Most Gifted Clairvoyant

I have talked to and met many clairvoyants over the years. Allan is the most gifted clairvoyant I have spoken to. He has a direct path way to God. Allan is able to transmit and channel very profound messages of love, and is able to move you to tears, very few people in this world have that ability. And I would like to add that is Allan is a very kind and generous man. He is life changing.

Jill, 24.11.14

Highly Recommend Him

In the past, I've searched randomly and talked to many psychics before. Allan is the most special one to me. He is way more than just a psychic. He is also my counsellor and spiritual teacher. I highly recommend him to anyone.

Anonymous, Mar 15

He is Great!

I spoke with Alan on at least three occasions. He is very compassionate as his bio says. He immediately begins to whip out out info when a question is asked or not! He is great!

Nikki, CA

Thoughtful & Kind

Alan helps me to understand of who I am and to discover God. He helps me to understand the situations and my purpose of life. He helps me to lead to myself, to what I am truly capable of. I`ve learned to let go and open up to what life has offered. He really helps and improves some challenging relationships. He is non-judgement, very understanding, thoughtful & kind. Thank you!

P Hong Kong 26.5.16

I listen and follow his psychic and spiritual guidance

Allan has no problem telling you The Ugly Truth! I first contacted Allan two years ago about a man I was involved with. Other psychics had told me this man was going to leave his wife for me as he had vehemently promised. Wanting further confirmation, I contacted Allan and asked him the same question. Allan said the opposite of what other readers had said. I didn`t want to believe him and continued on with the relationship wasting more time of my life. The man that I was involved with ultimately broke my heart and did exactly what Allan predicted !! Now when I ask Allan an important question, I listen and follow his psychic and spiritual guidance. I have grown by leaps and bounds both spiritually and emotionally with the guidance and predictions of Allan


Best Advice Given

Allan had told me something I didn`t want to hear, it turned out to be the best advice given.

Miss B WA Dec 2018

A Beautiful Soul

Allan gave me a wonderful, amazing, incredible reading, and he is a beautiful soul.

Vanessa, Shropshire, July 19

He is Awesome

I have just had a reading with Allan and he helped me a great deal. I am so pleased he read for me today. He is awesome. Thank you for much Allan.

K Star, USA

A fascinating man with a beautiful gift

Allan is one of the most multi-dimensional psychics that I have ever had the pleasure of being read to. His relaxed, open and non-prejudice approach is what keeps me coming back again and again. Being acutely sensitive to the emotions of others, Allan can speak in a manner which will bring you back to a state of equilibrium without affecting the integrity of the reading. This reader will deliver succinct and accurate answers with speed to your questions, and more crucially, he is able to placate you if your imagination is acting a little too irrationally, or alert you to an area of your life that may need addressing. A fascinating man with a beautiful gift.

Camilla, UK Oct 19

Absolutely Spot on

Amanda has a wonderful gentleness about her but also is hugely honest and reassuring. I had a wonderful reading with Amanda talking through several concerns. She helped me so much but also she was amazing on so many levels. Absolutely spot on, knew things she could never know! I would highly recommend her and will definitely be calling again. Thank you xx

Emma, UK

Blew me away

Very precise, straight to the point. Blew me away.

Mrs K London

Absolutely Amazing!

I want to say my reading with Colin was absolutely amazing! He gave me so much information that will help me heal further and give me a peaceful future.

Marg, UK

Amazing Clarity

Colin gave me amazing clarity, read my life like a book. Offered awesome advice.

Mrs S, Ohio

He is Wonderful!

I had a wonderful reading with Colin today. He is so intuitive and full of wisdom. Very intelligent and honest. A very, very good reader and I would recommend him to anyone. He is wonderful!

Nicola, Nottingham, March 2020

I would recommend Colin without reservation.

Colin is a highly intelligent, very switch on and evolved reader. Talking to him helped me hugely. I would recommend Colin without reservation.

Angela,. London April 2020

Thank you Crystal for a fabulous reading.

Just had my first reading with Crystal Spirit, absolutely loved my reading. I didn`t have to tell her anything, she knew! Feeling grounded, feeling positive and moving ahead. Thank you Crystal for a fabulous reading.

Lizzie, North London

Great reader and sincere

Great reader and sincere can only give thumbs up.Crystal has fantastic insighte. Thank you

PJ xx

Crystal Spirit was spot on

Crystal Spirit was spot on with everything, I so enjoy her readings. The reading really flowed and such a lovely person.

Kim from Bristol

5 Star Reading!

Crystal Spirit is an excellent reader and was totally on point with everything she said regarding names etc, the reading was perfect, a 5 star reading!

Vanessa, USA

I would recommend a reading with Douglas

Douglas connected with me very well and I thoroughly enjoyed his energy, his kindness and compassion. He has a sense of humour which I feel is important. He linked in very well with me and bought a lightness and freshness to the reading. I would recommend a reading with Douglas.

Millie from Nottingham

Kind and Spot On

I would like to say how great Ellyn is, she is extremely supportive, non-judgemental. empowering, kind and spot on. I am grateful to her.


Feel Much Better

I just wanted to say a big thank you to Sonya Sage for my reading. I felt very anxious in this unusual time we all find ourselves in and Sonya gave me practical information that I have used to help me feel much better. Thank you x


I certainly will talk to her again

I had the most amazing talk with Gail over the weekend, she was easy to talk to and everything she said was exactly me and what is happening I certainly will talk to her again.


Very Accurate

Very accurate, compassionate, genuine, connects with me on every level.

Mrs R Arizona. Jan 18


Very sympathetic, compassionate.

Mrs C. West Midlands

Changed my Life

Jeannie is a psychic and a warm, friendly spiritual adviser. She has such vast spiritual knowledge and experience, which means she not only answers your questions, but helps to deepen your understanding of spirituality. She is clear, honest and accurate. Working with these psychics and the Crystal Clear service has changed my life.

Jeanine, London

Very Accurate

Jeannie has been reading for me for three years, I found Jeannie to be very accurate, knows the right thing to say. Through spirit Jeannie has guided me within various aspect of my life.

E, Florida, USA


On the 20th August 2015 I had a telephone reading from Jessica. That reading was superb in its truthfulness vivacity and its confirmation of correct facts. So much so that I was very impressed with this psychic lady.

M. Bournemouth

Insightful and Positive

A gifted assertive psychic that tunes in immediately, asking no questions and with so much accuracy and information that you will relate to. You can sense her bohemic gifts passed on from generation to generation it shows in her readings, which helps assists according to your needs. Thank you Jo you are so cultured, insightful and positive.

TB, Switzerland

5 Stars!

Jo was very exact and to the point. She is a very grounded reader. 5 stars!

K, Ohio

Quick to Link

I was very pleased with Jo-J`s friendly manner. She was so quick to link in with me. Many thanks!


Absolutely Incredible

Jo-J was absolutely incredible, she was able to reach my husband right away and she told me exactly what I already knew and verified just how gifted she is. She tuned right into me and my deceased husband. I really love her style of reading and Clear Psychics has been such a Godsend to me.


I'm so grateful

I felt so warm and guided. I`m so grateful...I felt very guided and very safe and secure because she was tuning into a higher power. It felt very truthful and I trusted her and what she was saying. Thank you!

D, New York, May 18

Amazing Talented Reader

During one reading with Joanne about 6 weeks ago we were speaking about
relationships and she stopped in the middle of our conversation and told me
something will be seriously wrong with my truck and her guides kept saying
passengers back wheel. On Friday my passenger`s back wheel started to grin
metal. I called my son who started an apprenticeship as a mechanic and told
me to bring it to him right away. He examined my truck and told me that my
truck was a death trap. I needed four tires, brakes and a suspension. He
told me if my tire blew when I was on the highway drive 120km I would have
been killed.

If it was not for Joanne`s warning I would have not called my son. I would
have waited. Because of her my four kids have their mom home and safe.

She has been teaching me the law of attraction during our readings. I have
been taking her advice and today was offered a job to work at home on my
schedule for extra money and it is not only a base salary there are bonuses
each month. For a single mom the extra money is greatly appreciated.

She is also an amazing teacher, I believe is a real asset to clear psychics
I can`t thank her enough, she is an amazing talented reader.



Beautiful reading with Joanne, spot on with timescales x 

1st May MBS 2016

Lovely Lady

Reading with Joanne, she is a lovely lady who was spot on with what she had to say and was inspired with what she had to tell me, thank you Sally x

1st May MBS 2016

Excellent Reading

Reading with Joanne, excellent reading, very helpful and interesting, thank you, 

Hannah 1st May MBS 2016

Spot On

Reading with Joanne was great and spot on, thank you Natalie

1st May MBS 2016

Inspirational and Very True!

Reading with Joanne she is very inspirational and very true! Xxx

1st May MBS 2016

Absolutely Wonderful

Joanne is absolutely wonderful, she put me at ease and made me feel reassured

MBS 2016

Great Reading

Thank you Joanne, great reading, now I know which way to go xx 

MBS 2016

Very Insightful

Thank you for my reading Joanne, it was very insightful and confirmed some aspects to me which I was unsure about, best wishes Natha xx

MBS 2016

Intuitive and Inspiring

Joanne thanks, an intuitive and inspiring reading, Dee 


Accurate and Intuitive

Thanks Joanne, very accurate and intuitive reading, Andrea xx

MBS 2016

Lovely Reading

Very good, empathetic, grounded, lovely reading, Wendy xx

MBS 2016

You are Amazing

Thank you Joanne! You are amazing, lovely and warm hearted. I had a great reading. Take care, love Van x

MBS 2016

Compassionate and Good Reader

I spoke with Joanne back in March. I was in a bad way and had a ton of questions. She really did answer them the way I suspected. I already felt I had a family member was feeling about me and she confirmed my suspicions. She is a compassionate and good reader.

Nikki, CA

She was right! Extraordinary

I`ve had lots of readings over time as well as having a strong scepticism and also reading myself with various tools since childhood. Laelia has an uncanny link where she picks up what is going on both in the physical world and energetically without having to be prompted but she also has the wisdom to back it up, without which all reading for people offers is a party trick.

I`m not one for predictions, it`s not something I go looking for, but she predicted something that was life changing and extremely unlikely to come to pass would happen within an impossible time frame. She was right! Extraordinary.

A down to earth reader who also has The Magic, definitely worth her salt.

Ms V

Really Positive Advice

I felt an immediate connection with Laelia. She instinctively knew the issues I had and gave really positive advice. She made me feel more secure and more in control of my own future. I felt like she knew me as soon as she heard my voice.

Helen, Feb 2020

Very Compassionate and Very Accurate

I have used many readers and have been very pleased. I had a reading with Linda today and had great concern about a family member of mine and she gave me info that there would have been no way of her knowing. She broke everything down in small pieces to help me understand. She is very compassionate and very accurate, I will call her again as she made me feel a lot better.

Nikki CA Jan 2017

Positive Advice

Linda is an amazing reader who gives insight to problems and provides answers effectively. She`s given me positive advice and on how to achieve the results that I would like, no-one has explained how things should be done like Linda, I feel she understands me. Thank you Linda.

Lizzie from North London

She was Amazing

I spoke to Linda 7845 today and she was amazing, Linda gave me the guidance I needed at this point in my life. The last few months have been very difficult and she gave me clarity of my next steps, positivity and really good practical steps I can take to move myself forward.
Thank you Linda.

Jacky from London

She's Fantastic

She`s fantastic. She is literally true to what she says and doesn`t tell you just what you want to hear. She lays it all out in black and white, and helps you see the big picture.

C. Florida.

Good Advice

I think Linda was a nice person that gave good advice and gave a reading with confidence.


Excellent Guidance

Wonderful,a fabulous reading! It was incredible. The reading really stood out, it was very balanced reading, not too spiritual, not too much psychology. Excellent guidance,naturally intuitive,warm, kind and helpful.

Anna, USA, Feb 2020

Very Productive

I had a very good reading with Lorraine, she was able to give me focus and direction and helped build up my self esteem. Very productive and reassuring.

Mrs A London

Predictive and Realistic

Lorraine is a wonderful reader. I have had several readings with her all of which have been thorough, predictive and realistic. She is able to pick up on the fine details of any situation and her clarity and gift have been reliable over time. She is an intelligent and sensitive reader who I would highly recommend.

SM London

Maggie is Great!

Maggie is great! She really tuned in to my energy and was lovely to talk to, clearly very intelligent and articulate as well as sensitive, plus had a lovely sense of humour. I really enjoyed speaking with Maggie and will call back to speak to her again in future.

Many thanks for the service you provide, Ive been using you for years and now never use any other psychic provider.

Best wishes


Very Gifted!

I had a reading with Megan today, she used her gifts alone (no tarot cards or pendulum etc). She picked up on my reason for calling instantly - that was encouraging for me; from then on in she rolled out info` that I have been told in other readings. I have to say Megan is absolutely wonderful, as well as very gifted! She actually helped me in putting aside any doubts I have been holding - such a relief!!! I wanted to feedback on my experience with her and really highly endorse her as a gifted reader. I am looking forward to coming back to Megan for a longer and more in-depth reading. Thank you so much!!!

Tarnia, April 18

Amazing Reading

I had an amazing reading with Megan. Outstanding. Very accurate. she blew me away.

Miss H O Ireland Apr 18


Pam is not only a truly excellent medium, she is also a genuine clairvoyant and healer as well. She brought through an old partner of mine, with stacks of evidence, but also good messages. I was so happy to hear from him again.

She is very helpful with property and business matters. And she also gave me some excellent advice about psychic protection, which Id completely forgotten. She did some powerful healing on this level for me. Transformational indeed!!

Thank you very much, Pam - I really appreciate your love and help.

Chris, UK, Feb 2020

I was Amazed!

A really fantastic reading! She was laser focused and able to have pin point. I was amazed!


An Amazing Soul

Sam is an amazing soul to speak with. Her connection with me was very strong
and spirit provided many confirmations for me through her. Unexpectedly she
connected with a friend from my youth who had passed. He and I were able to
speak clearly through her and my whole perspective on the trauma I have
carrying to date, has changed. I`m very grateful for my time with Sam on the
phone. Highly recommend.

Lena, Australia 2017


Sam was lovely and friendly. I found the reading enjoyable and helpful!

J, London

100% Spot On

Sam Anne was 100% spot on in every way, she connected with me so well and could pick up when and where my house move was. Sam Anne could also tell me about my job, a very warm and friendly reader.

Mrs S Ohio

Highly Recommend

I had a few readings with Sapphire and I find her to be friendly,insightful and empathic and there has been various insights that have come true in the timeframe that Sapphire predicted. I would highly recommend Sapphire who is an ethical and very accurate reader.

Caroline, Berkshire

Thank You Sapphire

A gifted accurate, down to earth psychic that tunes into you and your loved ones giving evidence that only you will relate to. She leaves you feeling refreshed and hopeful. Thank you Sapphire you are an inspiration and very understanding.

TB, Switzerland

Very Intuitive

I had a reading with Sapphire today. I`m asking that you add my testimonial. She is very compassionate, friendly and truly is very intuitive. I asked her two questions and she was reading me like a story book. This woman is great! She knows what she is talking about. I now understand how everything in my life is connecting now and in the future. I never knew this before, but boy o boy I do know it now! I have had a lot of readings in my life and I would recommend her 100 percent. I will definitely call her again.

Nikki, July 2016

Very Positive Reading

Ive just had a lovely reading with Sonia, a very warm lady who is easy to connect with. Very positive reading and picked up on my past most literally. I would recommend a reading with Sonia to anyone

Jackie, Wales, Dec 19

Gave Evidence

I didnt have to tell Starr much at all Starrs reading was structured, to the point, friendly, and she gave evidence.

Mrs N, UK, Mar 18

Blown Away

Suzanna was incredibly intuitive and gave such precise information, I was blown away by the reading. Completely put me at ease and would definitely recommend her.

Andrea, UK, Feb 2020

It has given me strength, purpose and direction

Thank you for my email reading. It was very accurate and exactly what I needed at this moment in time. Please thank Tammy for me as her words made everything seem more real and achievable. It has given me strength, purpose and direction. Please let Tammy know that I really am very grateful. If I wanted to have a personal chat with her soon is that possible?

Mrs M London

Life Changing

Thank you Tammy, your reading and messages were so life changing, thank you so much for helping me to gain back my power.

Mrs S, Ohio


Tammy was perfect about my dog so helpful and supportive. She gave me a lot to do and I`ve already started to get it going, looking forward to absent Reiki and other healing as well.

Jess, Devon

Tammy is lovely, uplifting and friendly

Tammy has been able to help me with a lot of my concerns and put my mind to rest. Tammy is lovely, uplifting and friendly.

Mrs F Michigan

Great Insight

Vaani is a very intuitive reader, great insight. Spot on.

K, Ohio

Accurate Reading

I had a very accurate reading on the ball with Amanda suberb. Thank you, she was helpful and gave me the name of Archangel Michael, while I was listening to her my hand was resting on a book about him. Thank you


Neelam's ability of being able to provide dates, names etc is uncanny and accurate.

I'm getting in touch to provide feedback for a reading i had with Neelam back in 2017. 

Neelam's reading provided upcoming dates of key events for the next couple of years and those dates stuck in my head. Going forward a lot of what she said has materialized, in line with the dates and i'm really surprised and so pleased.

Neelam's ability of being able to provide dates, names etc is uncanny and accurate. She tunes in beautifully and asks very few questions. She was a warm manner which helps to connect with her with grace and ease. 

I'm super happy to see she is back at Crystal Clear and i had my 2020 reading with Neelam yesterday. Neelam picked up  what is going on in my life currently, including my wish to get a new puppy this summer. She confirmed the timing and the breed of puppy i'm hoping to manifest. I'm also excited about the future events Neelam has predicted for me. 

I wish Neelam all the best going forward, i'm sure she has numerous clients who are just as amazed & satisfied as i am. 


Great Advice

"Thank you Starr for all the great advice you have given me over the years - you're a star"


Fabulous Medium

Neelam was very good, wonderfully talented, brought my son through for me, such a fabulous medium



I would like to say that Lily is an amazing and gifted reader



Douglas was amazing, he didn’t beat about the bush, he explained the situation I was in  to a tee. I would highly highly recommend this gentleman. Thank you, Douglas.

Zoe, Essex

The best I have had for a very long time...

I had a reading with Neelam 7743 a couple of weeks ago, who is a very spot on, compassionate and caring reader. I would highly recommend her, the best I have had for a very long time, thanks so much Neelam, you have straightened my thoughts and given me a clearer view of my path ahead.


Every prediction has come true

I have been speaking with Amanda for over a year now and every prediction has come true. She is so precise and really is able to go in depth. I have had so many breakthroughs. I am so thankful for all the guidance. Absolutely amazing lady.


Her energy, honesty and explanations always leave me feeling a lot better

Tammy provides a very succinct way of delivering messages from the universe. Her energy, honesty and explanations always leave me feeling a lot better and ready to take on the next challenge.


Fabulous reading with Neelam

I have just had a fabulous reading with Neelam. She has used Spirit guidance to help me understand things about myself much more clearly, and given me help with an incredibly thorny issue. I couldn't recommend her more highly. Thank you so much Neelam bless you all at Crystal Clear.


She is amazing

She is amazing,very strong connection with spirit.Very heart connected.I received lots of healing during my my call. She is very grounded and down to earth.She answered all my questions very clearly.


Amanda is amazing!

Amanda is amazing! So clear and concise and very efficient at getting to the core of issues. I would love to see her again and recommend her highly when needing clear answers and astute guidance.Thank you Amanda!


Great insight

Crystal Spirit is a very down to earth reader as seemed to know what I was feeling. She gave me great insight in my current job situation. I would use her again and I highly recommend.

Greta, Warwickshire

Very Good

I have been having readings with Linda and can say I find her very good also let's not forget the reception team they are all so very friendly and I would definitely recommend this company to friends and family many thanks Debbie and keep up the good work x


Highly Recommend

I highly recommend Vaani she was spot on with my reading. I would highly recommend her to my friends and family and will definitely be calling back.

Louise, Southerland

Amazing Reader

Vaani works as a beautiful conduit for healing and guidance from her spiritual source, my reading with Vaani today was vibationaly healing and full of enlightenment, she is an amazing reader. Thank you Vaani.

Jessica, UK

Amazing Reading

I had an amazing reading with Colin, he was very precise and very compassionate.

Mrs G, Yorkshire


I had my very first reading with Amanda who was incredible, she picked up on the issue at hand and she gave it to me straight without sugar coating it! She felt and understood the situation and its intricacies - I want to thank her for her patience and understanding with me - she was very professional yet with a good personality and character.  It was a pleasure to have her do my reading - this was my first time using this site and due to Amanda, I'll use it again.

Katherine, Canada

Very Precise

I found turquoise to be very precise and extremely helpful, I will be definitely calling him again.

Mrs T

Blown Away

I had my first reading with Lily, and she was absolutely brilliant. I was left speechless. I was blown away with her professionalism and persona. I would gladly recommend her. I will definitely be calling Lily again soon. 


Mrs D, Kent (July 2020)

Highly Recommend

Turquoise was wonderful, right on point, I can highly recommend. 

Mrs H, New York

Calm & Honest

Greta is a very calm and collected reader, who articulates her readings in a very consistent way. She is very caring and provides reassurance when there is nothing to worry about. When there are concerns, she addresses them in a very honest manner. I always get a great steer on the way forward when I have read with Greta.

A, July 2020

Exceptional Reader

Tammy is an exceptional reader, who always accurately focuses on exactly the issue that is current for me, without me saying anything at all. I've been having readings with Tammy for over a year now, and she has accurately predicted many things for me! What a gift. Not only this, but she always brings warmth and real compassion to the reading, so I am left feeling uplifted, calm, positive and clear for the way forward. Highly recommended. 

Charlotte, July 2020

Very Precise

I have had a reading for the first time with Gabriella this evening.  What a lovely reader, straight to the point and immediately linked in with me.

Gabriella was very precise.  All in all a great reader and I will definitely be back for another reading with her very soon. I would recommend her to anyone.

Daniella, Wales, July 2020

Superb Reader!

I had a session with Amanda last evening -superb reader!  She got stuck in right away, precise, clear, compassionate...... Many thanks.

Helen, July 2020

Excellent Reading

I had an excellent reading with Colin he gave me clarity and provided me with a direction with my current situation, very pleased thank you.


Superb Reader!

Amanda is a superb reader!  She got stuck in right away, precise, clear and compassionate...... Many thanks.


Really Precise!

I had a reading with Lou Lou and found her ability to connect with me and what is happening around me to be extremely precise. Without sharing any information Lou Lou was able to provide detailed information about my current reality, past experiences and what's to come. This was one of my best readings and I really appreciated her empathetic, detailed approach. Thanks for the connection.

A, July 2020

Spot on 100%

I had an incredible reading and Amanda was spot on 100%

D, July 2020

Finally got clarity on things and can move forward with my life

I would like to say thank you to Sapphire for the reading today. She is a beautiful lady who made me feel so relaxed and at ease throughout the reading. Very precise and on point on anything I asked her about. I am so happy with the reading and am glad I finally got clarity on things and can move forward with my life. Love and light to you Sapphire and again thank you for a fantastic reading. I will be back for another on soon and will highly recommend both yourself and Crystal Clear Psychics to my friends and family. God bless.

SL, August 2020


He was so empowering, and uplifting! I found him to be a lovely, lovely man! Douglas really has something special!

LM, August 2020


Colin is a very empathetic intuitive reader. He is spot on with his ability to tune in, is precise, and positive with a caring approach. He is my favourite reader.

Helen, Kent, August 2020

Fantastic Reader

Lou Lou, is a fantasic reader, I received a very detailed reading, Lou Lou gave me clarity,she was very  supportive and fun to talk to.

Iliana, August 2020

Positive and Empowered

Douglas connected with me straight away. At the start of the reading, he asked me what questions I had, but I like to leave things open at the beginning of a reading to just see what happens. Douglas works with tarot and he had already picked up on relationship issues as my main question. After the first two cards I felt able to tell him what was on my mind and this helped him (and me) interpret the rest of the cards. Douglas made me feel really relaxed and then explained the meaning of each card relating to my question as we went through the reading. I read tarot myself, and although I will read cards for other people, I won’t read my own. I was really surprised by so many related positive cards in a row that I even asked Douglas if this was for real! He assured me it was. My reading had a few negative cards thrown into the mix, but balanced out with my personal situation and then the ability to chat with Douglas about the meaning of the cards related to my personal life, it all made sense. It was the first time I have had a reading with Douglas and it won’t be the last. I will definitely be calling to speak to Douglas again. I felt really positive and empowered after my reading with Douglas. I asked to stay on the phone for a bit longer beyond our allotted time as there was a real connection. I wish I’d had an hour with him!

W, Sussex, August 2020

Very Good

I thought Douglas (7997). Was very very good ... I feel he was very precise.. I’d love to chat about life in general esp concerning my love ..   Douglas has a very good telephone presence his accent is easy on the ear... a really lovely guy. 

Bridget, August 2020

Wonderful Guidance

Incredibly kind, thoughful and insightful. Vaani talked through my concerns with ease and clarity, providing me with healing and wonderful guidance.

A.T, London, September 2020

Reading was Awesome

I had a session with Neelam and it was my first one with her, I loved it. She is vibrant and happy and her reading was awesome.

MS, UK, Sept 2020

Fantastic Reader

Fantastic reader, clarity, very understanding, comforting and sensitive. Highly recommend!


Very Precise

Suzanna is very personable, patient and very precise. I fell through the floor and at the information I was given in such a positive way.


So Supportive

You recently had a video of Neelam presenting for each sign what was laying ahead. I could definitely relate to what she had to say about my astrological sign. Moreover, she is so not judgemental and so supportive.

L, London, September 2020

Blew me away!

I had a reading today with Gabriella and I must say she blew me away! She was sooooo spot-on!!! She is extremely lovely, no non-sense, very supportive and very caring. I would highly recommend her. She is very chatty too! Ahahah!!! And her French is excellent!

L, Sept 2020

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