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5th July 2020 Full Moon
3 July 2020

5th July 2020 Full Moon

On Sunday 5th July there is a full moon partial penumbral eclipse. This happens with the moon in Capricorn and the sun in Cancer.

A partial penumbral eclipse happens when our planet Earth is between the sun and a full moon. Eclipses begin when the Earth's shadow falls on the moon, but in this case, the moon won't be passing through Earth's dark, inner shadow, known as the umbra. Instead, on 5th July the moon will go through Earth's outer, lighter shadow, known as the penumbra.

If you want to see a visualization of what happens click on this link:

As the Earth passes between the Sun and the Moon it will absorb the effects of the Moon which are usually intended to combine with the Sun. This energy brings heightened intuition. Follow your gut instinct at this time and you won’t go wrong. Hunches during this time can be followed through to bring great positive change.

The Sun is in the constellation of Cancer which governs our home and family life. During this time sudden good news in the family may arise unexpectedly.

With the planet Neptune in Pisces making wonderful links with the Sun and the constellation of Cancer, the realisation of your dreams being fulfilled through your home life can also be a common theme.

Jupiter is well known for bringing generosity and abundance into our lives. As it makes links with the dreamy Neptune many might receive a contract for their unique work.

What else can this mean for all of us?

Eclipses can be a powerful time when what we do not see is given light. Your true colours shine through. Hidden truths become reality. If you have some deep dark secrets - they might be exposed. If you have a secret admirer, he/she may suddenly come to the fore. And if someone you love has been struggling to gain success you might find that they suddenly get put in their rightful place - the limelight. This is a great time for those in the shadows whose hard work remains unrecognised to come to the fore and gain recognition.

This 5th July you might discover a declaration of love or even a declaration of betrayal. You may suddenly find yourself extremely popular and magnetically attractive, or you may even discover some hidden treasure. No matter what happens we are here to help guide you through this. Be assured that it will all work to your advantage.

How do we make the most of this eclipse?

Whilst the entire world is in chaos and despair you can find the hidden treasures of this full moon. You may find you’re in a competitive environment, one which brings constant struggle; you may not recognise the gifts being given to you. Look at what benefits you gain from your environment or any relationship, you find yourself in. Even a big loss this month will bring dividends.

You may not realise until the end of the year what you gained back in July, but I can tell you this. It will be colossal and meaningful.

This is a time when you will be encouraged by the gentle shadow of this eclipse to stand in your own light. The world is waiting for you to set the pace. It’s waiting for you to take centre stage and it’s waiting for you to put forward that proposal. Will you make the most of this full moon? I hope so.

If you want to know more about how the full moon will affect your life this month and how you can make the most of it click on the link here and find your personalised astro -psychic video forecast by clicking HERE!

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Love and blessings

Neelam xx

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