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Calls cost £1.50/min plus your network access charge.
Readings are for entertainment only. 18+.

Text A Psychic for Free...

New clients can try our psychic text readings and get their first text reading completely FREE of charge...

If you’re on the move, unable to get a private moment on the phone or simply just want to ask a quick question, then try our psychic text readings. Our gifted psychics will personally answer after tuning into your question, giving you empowering enlightenment on a situation – or your future. Get a free psychic text reading when you try our psychic text chat service for the first time...

1. Simply text the word LOVE followed by your question to 66090 (£1.50 per message, max 3 replies at a cost of £4.50, standard network rate charges apply, 18+, CCP services)

2. Our gifted psychics will respond within minutes

Psychic text readings can give guidance in future love, relationships, work issues, decisions around your career, home life and family matters. Simply text your question to get reassuring psychic advice. Your first response is free of charge, then if you choose to ask another question, it's £1.50 per message (max 3 messages reply at £4.50, standard network charges apply). Please note you will be asked for your first name and date of birth to ensure you are over 18 and you may receive marketing messages which you can opt out of at any time by sending stop. SP: CCP Services


Best Psychic Text Readings

Do you want to get a psychic reading but find you are always running around and have no time to spare? Why not try a psychic text reading. It’s also great for if you need a quick question answered, or if you can’t seem to find a moment for a private phone conversation.

You may need answers on a specific area of your life, such as your love life, and how that may progress or look like in the future. You may also want a resolution for a difficult situation you have been in recently, or you may want confirmation that you are on the right path to fulfilling your life’s purpose. 

We all want the answers to these and more of life’s big questions and mysteries, and that’s why a quick psychic text reading is perfect for those niggling thoughts in the back of your mind. 

How Does a Psychic Text Chat Service Work?

Our experienced psychics here at Crystal Clear Psychics can tune into your question, and any other personal information you may want to include, and gather together an intuitive reading for you. Questions can be either on a current situation you may be facing, or about your potential future.

They will be able to tap into any energy that is given off from your initial text, as well as any information you may give — whether that be personal or general, and give a full reading to help answer your questions. 

Information and clarity can be given on your career, love life, family, work issues and anything else that may be currently bothering you. Having these answers can be reassuring, help you navigate any potential future issues, and help you to create the life you dream of. No question is too difficult, and our professional readers will handle it in a sensitive and safe way. 

If necessary, you can stay completely anonymous, so there is no chance of anyone ever knowing that you sought out psychic help. Our trained psychics will act with complete discretion, and will never give out any details to others, and all communication between the two of you will be kept private. Unless you decide to tell others of course!

What if I Want to Try Before I Buy?

You can get your first psychic text reading for free. You won’t have to wait long, as our gifted readers will respond within minutes with a full reading with regard to your question. For a free reading, simply text our psychic service using the word LOVE followed by your question to 66090. It's £1.50 per message (max 3 replies, at a cost of £4.50, standard network charges apply) if you choose to ask another question and you must be over 18 years old.

After you have had your first free reading, each subsequent text will cost £1.50 (max three messages reply). 

A psychic text reading is a simple and fast way to get answers on those overwhelming questions you may have about life, love and even current issues in the world. 

Here at Crystal Clear Psychics we want you to feel reassured and confident about your life, and that’s why we offer an initial free text reading with our highly trained and gifted psychic readers. Simply follow the steps as outlined above and get your first question answered for absolutely nothing!

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