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Gain Clarity With A Free Online Tarot Reading

If you’ve never had a tarot reading before, or if you’re unsure whether or not they will work for you, having a tarot reading can look like a scary prospect. Luckily however, we offer a free online tarot card reading for anyone who is curious about what their future may hold for them.

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A free tarot card reading is an invaluable way to get guidance on any questions about life that you may have, and can give you clarity and closure on current or future problems you may be going through. At Crystal Clear Psychics, we have many experienced and enthusiastic trusted tarot card readers who will help you get those important answers and more with a free online psychic reading.

Within this article, we will go into exactly what the tarot is, what you can expect with a tarot reading, how Love Tarot works, and how to get your love tarot reading on our site.


What Exactly Are Tarot Cards?

Tarot is an esoteric form of playing cards that are now widely used for divination purposes. They were originally used as playing cards in the 15th century but eventually would develop into the card decks we know today.

In the 18th century, society really love tarot, cartomancers who had perceptive abilities began using them to entertain royal parties, or would practice in private to gain answers to their big questions and problems. Their use would slowly grow and would spread across most of the western world, which is how most of the modern world now knows about them.

Today, the tarot deck is used daily by hundreds of thousands of tarot card readers worldwide, and are one of the most popular methods a psychic can use in a reading experience. However, there are still many people who are wary of them, not understanding the tarot card meanings.

But there is no reason to be afraid, and they can help enhance your life and experience in many different ways.

What Makes Up A Tarot Deck?

To understand the tarot card meanings, you need to know about the Tarot. Every tarot deck is made up of two main parts: the Major and Minor Arcana. The Major Arcana consists of 22 cards with no suits and includes cards such as The Fool, Death and The Lovers. They are all numbered from I to XXI in Roman numerals, apart from The Fool, which has no number at all. These are dealt out in a tarot spread such as the Celtic cross or the love tarot spread.

The Minor Arcana consists of 56 cards, similar to a normal card playing deck, divided into four suits of 14 cards each. In every suit, there are ten numbered cards and four court cards (King, Queen, Knight and Jack). The suits of the Minor Arcana are the Cups, Wands, Pentacles and Swords.

If you look at modern tarot card decks, they are almost exclusively made up of the Major Arcana, with no numeral cards. They contain beautiful artwork and related graphics in a variety of different styles, and there are many different types of modern tarot decks to choose from, including ones focused on love, career and family.

Many tarot meanings can be found online, however, it is best to get interpretation on each individual card from your card reader since they can be interpreted many different ways depending on the tarot card spreads.

How do I access my Free Online Tarot Card Reading?

To get your tarot reading, all you need to do is scroll down and enter the question you would like to be answered and click submit!

Hopefully, after reading this article you will see that tarot cards are not that scary and are a powerful form of divination to look into various possibilities of your future. Online tarot readings do not predict your future exactly, instead, they give you guidance and clarity on different areas of your life.

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