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Have you already met your soulmate or are you about to meet them?

Our psychics at Crystal Clear Psychics are well-known for specialising in love and relationship readings. If you don't have time for a telephone reading, then you can still get a psychic soulmate reading by email. A soulmate is a romantic partner that understands you, shows unconditional love and has a mutual respect. When a soulmate enters your life, a psychic can see the connection of energy between you and can see the journey ahead for you both. If you are hoping to meet your soulmate, then our psychics will be able to tell you when this will happen with psychic love readings and can often give you a description of your future soulmate...

We all have a soulmate, another individual who is spiritually connected to us in this lifetime, and are on the same spiritual path. They are someone who will love you unconditionally,  as well as respecting and understanding you. Everyone has one, and they all appear at different times and in different situations for each person.

What Questions Should I Ask in a Soulmate Psychic Reading?

There are many questions you can ask during a soulmate reading, including:

Where is this relationship headed?

What does my future look like for me and my lover?

What obstacles must I overcome to find love?

It is recommended to write out a list of questions you want to ask before your soulmate reading in order to be prepared. Speak to your reader about these questions, and any issues you may be having in your love life.

A psychic soulmate reading is a valuable tool to have, and can help you achieve a lifetime of happiness within your love life.

Soulmate Readings : £29.95

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You may be feeling pressured to find your soulmate as soon as possible, thanks to social media or even just societal pressure, in order to have the ‘perfect' life. That’s where our talented psychic readers come in to help you.

A soulmate reading is a way to see the spiritual connection between you and a current partner, or even help guide you for when you will eventually meet your soulmate, and what they will be like.

How Will a Soulmate Reading Guide You.

A soulmate card reading is a great way to boost your love life, and to provide you with the answers you need. It can help you to achieve the relationship you yearn for, find your true soulmate, and even learn more about yourself.

Valuable and intimate information may be given about your potential soulmate. Details such as their name, their physical features, their personality, and the way they will come into your life may be given during the soulmate tarot reading.

If you are already in a relationship, a soulmate reading can help you solve any relationship issues you may be having, and can help your relationship reach its full potential. The reader will be able to feel the energy between the two of you, and will use this to give an accurate reading.

A soulmate reading is also a great way to learn about relationships. They can let you know what to expect during a certain relationship, what lessons you may learn, and how to navigate these lessons so that you become a better and more vulnerable person.

What Happens During a Soulmate Reading?

Tarot cards in a specific spread are used to give you an accurate spiritual card reading. There are eight different tarot cards used in this spread, and each card represents a different part of yourself, your soulmate, or the relationship.

The first card is your soul card, which shows how you perceive yourself at this very moment. It’s a chance to take a look at your inner self, and your relationship with yourself.

The second card is their soul card, and shows how you perceive your potential soulmate and romantic partner, whether you are already with them or not.

Thirdly, is the karma card. This card shows the factors, social or otherwise, that could be affecting your life right now. This includes anything that may be holding you back from a great relationship.

Next is the thorns card. This card shows you how you can turn those obstacles from the previous card into opportunities.

Then comes the divine card. This shows a much broader perspective of your love life, and the impact you have on it.

The sixth card in the spread is the destiny card. This card is the big one, and shows you where exactly your love life is going, and where your soulmate may be.

After that is the magic card, and this shows unknown factors which may arise during your quest to find love.

Lastly, is the kiss of fate card. This tarot card shows you the steps you need to take to find a lasting connection with someone, or improve your current relationship.

Altogether these cards will help you to get a clearer understanding of your love life, and what you need to do to improve it, and maybe even find your soulmate!

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