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Readings are for entertainment only. 18+.

Need an online psychic reading? Here at Crystal Clear Psychics, our psychic readers go through a four-level test process to ensure they are genuine, experienced and highly gifted. We regularly run special offers, offering online psychic readings which are not only affordable but of high quality. Click HERE to choose your live psychic reader and view our Special Offers...

If you would like to try a reading with our psychics and have never spoken to us before, you can take advantage of our special introductory offer of a 15-minute reading for just £4.99 today! Simply quote the code 'NEW15' to reception. For UK clients, call 0207 553 5000 or if you're outside the UK, call +44 207 553 5000

Unlike many other online psychic services, here at Crystal Clear Psychics, we pride ourselves in offering an affordable yet quality service for individuals who need help, guidance or questions answered for current situations and their future. Each and every one of our excellent readings is carried out by highly experienced available psychic readers who have been with us for years. They are the best psychic for any online psychic reading - and they are live now!

With prices starting from just £1 for an online psychic text reading and 80p per minute for a psychic phone reading. If you would like something a little more in-depth from your phone psychic, any one of our psychic email readings costs just £29.95 and goes into areas such as numerology and tarot card readings. 

Or maybe you have a personal photo and would like to know more about it? Our psychic photo readings are just £19.95 each and can help you uncover secrets and answer questions you never even knew about. Online psychic reading can act as a confidence booster and can also inject lots of positive energy into your life. 

Cheap Psychic Readings

If you are looking for a psychic reading online, you may come across several websites which offer a low-cost psychic reading. You may find the readings a bit hit and miss, some of the best psychic readers are genuine while others have much less experience.

Here at Crystal Clear Psychics, our psychic readers go through a four-level test process to ensure they are genuine, experienced and highly gifted. However, our readings are not expensive and we run special offers all the time, offering cheap psychic readings which are not only affordable but of high quality.

Free Psychic Readings

A psychic text reading is a quick and easy way to get an intuitive and insightful reading about a niggling question you might have. All you need to do is text the word LOVE followed by the question you want to be answered to 66090, and our gifted readers will get back to you within a few minutes,  and your first text is absolutely free of charge! After that, each text will cost £1 each, with a maximum of up to three message replies. Please note that you will be asked for your first name and date of birth to check you are over 18 when you send your first question.

Psychic Phone Reading

New clients can try an online psychic phone reading with us for just 80p per minute and you can speak to one of our highly trained phone psychics for a successful reading over the phone. Choose from a variety of skills and abilities such as astrology, angel and tarot card readings, tapping into your spirit guides, pendulums and even reiki healing. These types of readings are perfect for whenever you manage to get a spare moment within your day and want a more personal experience. Our Best psychic reader are available now to help answer your questions, give you the information you need, and chat about the possibilities of the future. Their experience in the spiritual nature of life, provides the best psychic spiritual experience when it comes to online phone readings.

Psychic Email Reading

If you would like an email psychic reading where you can read it on-the-go rather than listen to it, then a psychic email reading may be more for you. Each type of email reading costs £29.95 and can either be general or give an in-depth understanding about all aspects of your life, or can be more focused in one particular area such as your love life or your career. Psychic email readings are good to refer back to whenever you need.

Psychic Photo Reading

Each priced at £19.95, a psychic photo reading can help you unearth different aspects and important details about the person or animal in the photo you provide. Options include compatibility readings, mediumship to connect with lost loved ones, family issues and pet health. 

Our services also include creating astrology charts, tarot readings, soulmate readings, pet psychics, and even horoscopes, in order to give you a full psychic reading about all aspects of your life. 

Whatever is currently on your mind that you want to be answered, our experienced psychics can help you discover the answers. You can find the right phone psychic for you by looking through our psychic information on our site. 

Speak to our gifted readers today to get insight into love, relationships, work, family and home life. Click HERE to choose your reader and view our Special Offers...

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