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Are you a hopeless romantic who just can’t seem to find the right partner? Or are you someone who wants to believe in love but is losing hope after years of bad dates? A free love tarot card reading from Crystal Clear Psychics can help bring clarification on the past, important insight for the present and predictions for the future.

Your love life doesn’t need to suffer, and you shouldn’t be waiting around for your soulmate to cross your path. Contact us for a free love tarot card reading or click through HERE to get to our Free Reading Page.

If you are a new client, you can take advantage of our special introductory offer of a HALF PRICE 20-minute psychic love reading for just £14.95! Simply quote 'CRYSTAL20' to reception Call 0207 553 5000 now

What is a Free Love Tarot Reading?

A love tarot reading is a special type of love reading which focuses on all aspects of your life. It not only focuses on romantic relationships, but it can also give empowering insight into other relationships you might have, such as with friends or family.

This style of online tarot reading uses a special love tarot card, which uses beautiful artwork focusing on all aspects of love and romance (I.e., The Lovers, The High Priestess) but also tarot cards which are unique to that specific deck of love tarot cards.

Many of us have questions such as “Does he still love me?” or “Is there long-term potential for me new relationship?”. Whilst love tarot readings can predict the future in some ways, it’s used more as a form of guidance on any questions that you may have about your love life or current relationships. This guidance can help you navigate the trials and tribulations you may be experiencing in your current relationship, or it could help you progress in a way that helps you find who you are destined to be with.

Free online love tarot readings for love and marriageTarot Readings For Love and Marriage

Relationships are important to us, and Love Tarot Readings are a wonderful way to get the reassuring guidance you need. If you’re already with a short or long-term partner, then the love tarot can focus on this relationship. It can help give you answers on how to solve any problems or challenges you may be experiencing in your relationship and can also reveal whether the person you are with in this relationship is your soulmate or if you are meant to be with another eternal flame.

A free online love tarot reading can include both internal and external influences, as well as the emotional connection between yourself and the other person in a relationship. Information and guidance can be given on the past, present and future of a relationship, as well as what you can learn from it to aid in any future relationships you may have. Free love tarot readings are a great way for a psychic reader to look into your relationship, without needing a birth chart like an astrological reading.

Using a love tarot cards can help to enhance a psychic’s ability in that area and enable them to look into the details of a relationship, existing or future, helping to give a better picture to the overall love tarot reading, and more guidance to the individual who is receiving the reading.

To get started, for first-time visitors to our site, we offer a free love tarot reading service, enabling you to get a 10-minute free love tarot reading, in order to help make finding the love of your life easier than ever before!

What is a Love Tarot Card Deck Made Up of?

Love tarot card decks can either be a normal tarot card deck which is interpreted in a way that give guidance and answers to a love interest or relationships, or it can be a specially made tarot deck made up of cards specifically relating to love and romance. Many love tarot decks contain romantic artwork and unique tarot cards which can give more detailed answers and insights into your love life and relationships.

Each individual love tarot card can have a range of different meanings, which helps the reader give specific insight into your own love life or love interest. The most common cards in the love tarot deck include The Lovers, The Empress, and the Two Cups, however you’ll find many more cards which can be interpreted as romantic in normal tard card decks, as well as unique love tarot cards in other tarot decks.

There are some tarot cards which you might not think would or could give you answers to your romantic questions such as The Star (healing in a relationship) and The Sun (confirmation of current relationship lasting or a new love coming into your life).

Free Love Tarot ReadingsHow Will the Reader Carry Out My Love Tarot Reading?

Your tarot reader will first explain the process of a free love tarot reading and introduce you to the cards in the love tarot deck that they are using. They will then explain exactly how a tarot card reading can help provide you with the answers you require. This is all to make you feel more comfortable and at ease, and to help you open yourself up to the tarot cards in order to get a more in-depth and detailed reading.

Once you’ve been introduced to the love tarot deck, your reader will then shuffle the cards and ask you to say stop when you are ready. There are many different types of tarot spreads that can be used in a love tarot card reading, and the spread used will depend on the reader and what their preference is.

When it comes to an online love tarot reading, all of this will be explained over the phone or video call, whilst the reader is putting the cards into a specific spread to read from. They will ask if you have a specific question that you would like to ask the cards about your love life and current relationships. In order to gain an accurate love tarot reading, it is best to let the reader know these questions explicitly.

You will need to focus your energy and vibrations into these questions as you both think and say them so that the free tarot reading will bring up intensely detailed answers to them. Insight can be given into past, present, and future relationships, as well as hot to navigate any problems you may currently be encountering.

The level of detail that can be gained from an online love tarot reading is astonishing. Characteristics and minute details about the type of person you may meet, their star sign, defining features, hobbies and interests, and even what their favourite book or TV show may be gained from an in-depth reading.

What is the Most Common Type of Love Tarot Spread?

There are four different sections to a traditional love tarot card reading, with each section representing a different area of your romantic life:

Section One - Gives insight into the characteristics and features of both lovers within a current or future relationship.

Section Two - Gives insight into the emotions of the individuals within your current or future relationships.

Section Three - Given insight into any unconscious desires or motivations that you have within your love life or romantic endeavours.

Section Four - Gives insight into current or future relationships with yourself and others.

Once all four sections have been drawn, your reader will then interpret them for you depending on which cards have been picked for each section. The energy and vibrations you give to your questions as well as to the tarot cards will determine your exact free tarot reading outcome. Our tarot readers will not ask for a birth date but will rely on tarot spreads such as the Celtic cross.

online love tarot readings - free tarot readingsWhat Free Love Tarot Reading Spreads Are There?

As well as the normal love tarot spread previously mentioned, there are other spreads that a tarot reader may use, whether due to personal preference, or just because they feel this type of spread would give you more insight into your love life than another spread during your love tarot reading.

There are tarot reading spreads specifically for finding new love (where six different tarot cards will be selected), for your current relationship (where three different cared are drawn – one for you, your partner, and your relationship with one another respectively), and even for seeing if a relationship is worth saving (where seven tarot cards will be picked in order to solve the issues at hand on both sides of the relationship).

Even if you feel like the question you have is strange or unusual, your reader will be able to see what kind of tarot card spread such as Celtic cross, should be used in order for you to get the answers yu seek about your current or future relationship.

Still, Looking for Answers?

Whether you have questions about a current relationship, are recovering from heartbreak, or are wondering if love is on the cards for you in the future, here at crystal clear Psychics we have many love tarot readers who can help you get the answers you need.

All of our psychics and tarot readers have years of experience in the craft, so you can be safe in the knowledge that you’re in good hands, and that you’ll get a high-quality free tarot reading. Some of our readers are specialised in different types of tarot card readings, but many are well versed in the love tarot and can help you navigate your love life with ease.

If you’re a first-time visitor to our site, you can get a FREE online love tarot reading by clicking HERE. Our experienced readers will be happy to help you with any questions you may have pertaining to your love life or other relationships you may have. A psychic phone reading with a love tarot card reader costs only 80p per minute by calling 0207 553 5000.

All of our psychics have been fully tested and checked before being approved to be on our site, and all have fantastic reviews from happy clients. If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact our helpful reception team on 0207 553 5000 and they’ll be happy to help in any way that they can.

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