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A Beginners Guide To Crystals
Prediction Magazine 2009
19 July 2022

A Beginners Guide To Crystals




Crystals and gemstones have long been used as a way to tap into the powers of nature. Magical practitioners have used them as talismans and magical tools for centuries. As crystals are formed naturally in the depths of the Earth each gemstone holds a core of the regenerative energy of the Earth itself and it is this energy that is used in crystal healing and magic.


Crystal energy is everlasting, meaning that the same crystal can be used over and over again, increasing the connection between you and the gemstone. Some people have favourite crystals, which they use daily or wear as a piece of jewellery and the more often you use your crystals the more powerful and potent your crystal healing magic will become.

Most magical practitioners have collections of crystals dotted about their homes, placed on altars, or kept in special boxes or pouches. Crystals can often form the basis of a particular spell or cleansing and are important tools of witchcraft, yet because they are so pretty and commercially available, working with crystals is a very discreet way of working magic. It is perfect for those of you who are new to spell craft or who are troubled by nosy neighbours and in-laws!


Nobody needs to know that you are working a little healing witchery, but they might pick up on the warm, positive energy, which fills your home when you have been using the gemstones. It should be stated here that when magical practitioners talk of healing, they use the word in the broadest possible sense and crystals are used to heal negative environments and situations as well as to heal emotions and physical energies.

Crystals are quite delicate, and they can chip easily so take care when you use your gemstones and keep them in a safe place. As you use them more and more, they will begin to absorb negative energies and so you should cleanse each crystal regularly by running it under a cold tap for a few moments. Do this once a month at the time of the full Moon, then place the crystals to dry on a windowsill where they can soak up the light of the Moon and the Sun.

This will empower the crystals and make them stronger as they will then be filled with the triple energies of Earth, Moon, and Sun. The voice of experience offers a word of warning though - use an indoor windowsill unless you are prepared to 'share' crystals with the magpies!


Using the power or crystals is simple and there are lots of ways to tap into their power. Place them in and around the bathtub as you bathe to absorb their healing energies. Put them in plant pots to add to the Earth energies of your home or to help heal an ailing plant. Make a water garden by arranging crystals in a pretty glass bowl and fill with water. Add a couple of scented floating candles and the water garden will represent all four of the elements with the crystals as Earth, the rising scent as Air and the candle flames as Fire.

Dotting crystals around your home where they can glint and shimmer in sunlight is a great way to keep the positive chi energy moving around and can help to make sure that your home remains an uplifting place to be. Keep a few special crystals in the bedroom on the dressing table and by the bed to create an atmosphere of peace and calm or create a small crystal altar on a little table or shelf where your gemstones can rest beside crystal balls and wands, runes, shells and stones.

Make a spell pouch by putting specific crystals together in a bag and add a wish written on a slip of paper. Carry this with you until the wish manifests or give it to the person you made the spell for. The important thing is that you use your imagination and follow your instincts. There is no right or wrong way to use crystals so have fun with your gemstones and experiment.



Working with crystals is a hands-on process and practice makes perfect. Reading about crystal healing can whet your appetite but there really is no substitute for experience.

Experiment, find new and individual ways of working with your stones and see what happens.

Like any other magical practice crystal divination is all about discovering what works best for you, so get a feel for the gemstones and go with what feels right. Use the stones instinctively and let your intuition guide you and the crystals won't let you down!


This Article has been repurposed from January 2009 Prediction Magazine

Copyright of Prediction Magazine

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