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August 2020 Horoscopes
30 July 2020

August 2020 Horoscopes

Read your August monthly horoscope written by Neelam!


Dear Aries, this is an eventful month for you. It starts with the moon in Capricorn making links with Uranus in Taurus. You will find that this energy might make you feel like looking inwards. Try not to focus on how you feel – look to how you can help progress your goals. There is much work to be done dear Aries and by steering your mind into calmer waters you will save the day for those who work with you and your loved ones.

You are very much needed, and the Universe asks you to step out of your comfort zone. It asks you to reach out to others for help but also to be a source of comfort for those around you too. In doing this much will be achieved. More than you will understand at this time.

Dear Aries, this is not the time to give up. With Mars remaining in your sign, the Moon in Aries on the 8th and 9th August will bring you glimpses of a future that is well deserved. Move forward in strength.


Luck favours the brave and brave you must be. August brings revelations to you that you may not have understood in your entire lifetime. It will help you to understand the link between your heart and your mind. You have enormous power within you to help those around you dear Taurus.

In August you will feel totally in synch with those around you and relationships that were fraught with difficulties will come to a new understanding. Enjoy this month. Luck is on your side on 11th August when the moon in Taurus joins hands with Jupiter. Your family will appreciate you in more ways than one and surprises are afoot. Shooting stars on the 12th August will really make this a magical month!


Dear Gemini, I am so excited for you. Romance continues to blossom, and it feels like love is around every corner. You will be so popular! This is because there is a healing energy about you that will really help those you work for and also your loved ones this month. You have the blessing of the Sun, Mars, Chiron, and Mercury joining hands with your moon in Gemini on the 13th and 14th August. This means you will know what to say and to whom at exactly the right time to bring out the strength and warmth in them. If you want something – now would be the time to ask for it! Shooting stars on the 12th August may fulfil a heartfelt dream. Have a lovely August!


Dear patient Cancer. There is a sense of confidence and calmness about you in August. Your acceptance of the way life is will really work to your advantage this month. The Universe is watching your strength and recognises how you are helping support those around you. You may find that challenges miraculously transform into achievements and success in August.

Special days for love are the 15th and 16th August when the Venus in Cancer gets close and personal with the moon in Gemini. This might be the perfect time for romance and love.

Really make the most of opportunities for love dear Cancer as weekends like this don’t come around often. Single

Cancerians may meet that special one or even get engaged. Your relationships are going to the next level.


Happy birthday Leo! You have good reason to celebrate in August. Many of you will receive promotion or enter the field of self-employment. Going it alone will beckon and possibly draw you to pastures anew. In your birthday month the Moon makes beautiful links with Uranus and Venus. The luck of the stars is on your side from the 17th to the 19th August. You will feel positive about your year ahead no matter what might be going on around you.

Many Leos will take advantage of technological advancements. Learning about new equipment, machinery and how technology may progress your aims is key to prosperity this month.

With the new moon and Sun in Leo on the 19th August you will explore a new venture in partnership with family; it will rocket you into the 21st century. This will be a memorable month Leo enjoy it!


Virgo you do everything with finesse this month. Your creativity will bring out the best in you and set you for greater success. Don’t be surprised if you receive gifts from those around you. You deserve appreciation for your hard work dear Virgo. Accept all that comes to you with grace. This is a time of great abundance coupled with hard work. You will find that your skills are much needed, and you will do exactly what’s required to help progress others. You will take the lead and will be teaching or training those around you. They’ll be lucky to be learning from the best. On the 20th August, the moon in Virgo will join hands with Uranus and Venus. The planets today prepare you for a leading role in your own adventure.

Dear Virgo, your reputation is set to sore! Be proud of how far you’ve come, any reward that comes to you will be well deserved. Happy August dear Virgo!


Dearest Libra your transformation continues this month and you find yourself feeling strong and proud of who you have become. You accept the person you were and are, you forgive yourself and are ready to move on. The timing of this couldn’t have been better as you are on course for a new you when your birthday comes later this year.

August is the time to look at the finer details - see how you can build on your legacy. You will consider new ways to generate income and may also give a helping hand to family. Your presence is much needed in family matters so go ahead and do your bit.

The moon enters Libra at the same time the Sun enters Virgo on the 22nd August. This means the rest of the year will be spent looking at how the finer detail can be altered to improve your life. You will have the vitality to achieve your goals and also fulfil a dream. A house move, may also be on the cards. This August you will feel secure and happy in yourself– enjoy it!


Daring Scorpio, oh boy I can really see the risk-taking side of you coming to the fore this month. Your life is about to take an exciting turn my dear friend.

You might be tempted into a dalliance with love. Be careful you could get burned. Now and then the passion inside of you comes to the fore. The month of August is one of these months! Your magnetic charm continues to attract others and for some of you the temptation may be too great for you to resist. Walk away, walk away dear Scorpio. I suspect that you might already be in too deep. Good luck and enjoy the ride.

The moon in Scorpio makes beautiful aspects with Neptune, Jupiter and Venus this month. This tells me that on the 24th and the 25th of August you will be completely irresistible! With your creativity and imagination about to rocket you will feel unstoppable and also very loved up! Enjoy this passionate time. For you, what happens this month will make August quite memorable!


Hello Sag might I ask how you’re feeling? Exhausted? Tested? Irritable? Yet Happy? Sagittarius your transformation continues into August. I must say that people are beginning to notice the change in you. Your appearance is full of confidence – such a look hasn’t been seen for years! What do I hear? ‘I’m always confident,’ you reply. Well actually there’s a difference between feigning confidence and being confident. I can assure you – you are different and more confident than ever before.

Sag those around you are noticing your efforts. Be careful about what you wish for - this could be the month you may just receive it. Are you ready to receive dear Sag? On the 2nd, 6th,11th,20th, 24th and 29th August your ruling planet Jupiter makes beautiful links with the moon. This will make you popular, loved and also respected.

You will find a magical blessing in all you do despite the challenges you face. August will be lucky for you.  You won’t realise until Jupiter starts to move forward in September how lucky you actually are! Keep the faith as all good things come to those who wait. This month you may not have to wait as long as you expected!


Before I start your forecast this month the answer to your question is yes. Next question please? Yep you’re a winner too. Capricorn you’re the bee’s knees. Years of work and sheer positive attitude is paying off. And you know it.

Capricorns are well known for their sense of humour and unique approach to life. They are stylish and don’t do things by half. This is your month dear Capricorn own it!

The beginning of the month could see you receiving a bonus or a lucky gift. The moon in Capricorn sits close to generous big-hearted Jupiter on the 1st and 2nd of August. It tells me this is your month. You decide what to do and make sure you do it with style.

I ask that you have fun, relax and party. Get married. Go on holiday. Do anything but work. Take a break and spoil yourself.


This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius. Do you know that song Aquarius? Here’s the link in case you’re feeling non- committal: Look it up and keep singing it each time you face a challenge.

The month of August will reveal some truths that you may not feel comfortable with. Plans might change.

With the full moon In Aquarius on the 3rd of August it’s a time to just sit back and just relax.  You could quite easily wipe away the first two weeks and focus on the last two. That’s when things really start to happen for you.

People may not be open to your new ideas. Don’t worry dear Aquarius from the 19th August, people will back track and come back to you. They will realise you speak sense and go with your ideas. Don’t alter your plans or ideas just for them; you carry much wisdom. Your experience and awareness will help you win others later on this month.

Whatever you decide to do to persuade others keep it short and sweet and they will love you once the Sun enters Virgo on the 22nd August. What you do will secure that important deal or contract. Remember this is the dawning of the age of Aquarius!


Hello lovely Pisces how are you feeling about August? So, so? Well let me tell you August is going to be a good month. On the 6thAugust the moon in Pisces joins Jupiter, Neptune, and Uranus. This is a special day that will make you feel all manner of emotions – calm, peaceful, sentimental, passionate, and blessed. Just go with the flow and enjoy these special days; they don’t come often.

If you’re single, I do see this as a lucky time for you. When Jupiter comes into your moon’s presence the planet gives generously - love can come with abundance. Regardless of love two gifts will come to you this August. Something that is due to you and something that enters your life never to leave. A quiet celebration will ensue.

Dear Pisces make the most of August and its gifts. Cherish them, value the love, and make it last. It will definitely be worth the effort! Here’s to wishing you a happy August.


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