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August Full Moon - Supercharging Your Mind, Body, Spirit & Soul
20 August 2021

August Full Moon - Supercharging Your Mind, Body, Spirit & Soul

Werewolves, myths, monsters and cheesy 80’s cinemas! All things that come to mind when we think about Full Moons. In reality the Full Moon phase is a beautiful and magical time in which we can bring our true desires to the surface and shed the things in our life which no longer serve our higher purpose or even those elements blocking our positive energies. 

The August Full Moon, is the perfect time to embrace individuality, re-evaluate relationships and projects we may have been investing physical, mental and emotional time in and release anything not serving your higher purpose. The Full Moon is both an emotionally charged and reflective time, a time when things we have been working towards come into fruition and our hopes and dreams for the future are illuminated.  

The Moon is known for having an impact on our emotions, for some, it can provide an energy boost but for others, it may make them feel emotionally drained. By understanding and embracing the spiritual energy of the Full Moon and how to embrace it, we can work towards bring our ideas into reality and waving goodbye to the things which have not worked for us. 

Embracing The Full Moons Positive Energy 

The Moon is known to affect our emotions and energy to varying degrees. The Full Moon phase is a particularly powerful time, and our energies and emotions may be running high, therefore it is important to take some time to ground yourself, cleanse your mind, body, spirit and soul and bring yourself into a physical and emotional state of clarity. 

During a Full Moon, it is a great time to refocus and rest, allowing yourself to become more grounded in experiences in the present moment and focus on positive changes ahead. My understanding how harness and embrace the energies of the Full moon, you can work towards rebalancing and restructuring your inner and outer spiritual world. 

Whether it is a couple of days before the Full Moon, a few hours or minutes, take a few moments to practice the following to cleanse and absorb the beneficial energies and positive powers of the magical Full Moon: 

  • Cleanse Your Crystals: If you’re a lover of crystals, the Full Moon is a great time to recharge them. Leave them outside overnight and allow them to absorb the energies of the Full Moon. 

  • Lunar Bathing: It is said that the Moon controls the oceans, so submerging yourself in water is a powerful way to harness the energies of the Moon. Whether your choice of lunar bath is the ocean, your local swimming pool or your bathtub, it’s a simple way to restore yourself using the Moons energies. 

  • Moonlight Meditation: When the Full Moon appears, take a step outside or gaze out of your window to take in the energies of the Full Moon. Take things one step further and take a yoga mat or seat outside and meditate under the Full Moon. 

  • Reflect & Refocus: Before the Full Moon appears, write down or say aloud what you could change in your life or release to make a positive change for your future. 

  • Burn Away Negativity: Burn a smudge stick or incense to release negative energies and welcome in positive flows into your home. This will help make more room for the beneficial energies of the Full Moon. 

Full Moons are not a time for starting something new, but a time for welcoming in the positive power of the moon, completing projects and bringing them to a close. It is important during this phase to reflect on what you have already achieved, release negativity and give thanks to the universe for what you have accomplished. 

Manifesting Your Hearts Desires 

Full Moons have a positive influence on brining into focus important relationships and boosting energy and drive within us all. It puts a spotlight on the areas of our lives we may not normally take notice of and gives us the opportunity, if we are willing to reflect on our lives and work towards a more positive life path. 

If you are ready to embrace the energy of the August Full Moon and focus on what you really desire out of life, our gifted psychics and astrologers are waiting to connect with you. Experienced in love, relationships, family and career readings, they can guide you and provide you with reassurance and empowering guidance. Call our friendly reception on 0207 553 500 and discover how you can embrace the true power of the Full moon.  

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