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Crystal Healing – Boosting Your Emotional & Physical Wellbeing
23 December 2021

Crystal Healing – Boosting Your Emotional & Physical Wellbeing

The use of crystals in our daily lives is becoming ever more an integral part of our self-care routines. Whether you are a believer or not, crystals have been used since ancient times to help many bring their mind, body, spirit and souls into a space of relaxation and harmony, ultimately helping to support positive emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing. 

What Are Healing Crystals

Healing crystals are semi-precious and precious gemstones which are thought to hold positive energies. There are a wide variety of crystals, each thought to have their own unique and powerful healing properties.  

It is believed that by allowing the positive energy held within these crystals to flow through your body, home or general environment, you can help to repel negative energies and as a result heal your body and the space around you from the inside out. 

Crystal Healers & The 7 Chakras 

The body has 7 major Chakras which are known as the body's energy centres. At times these energy centres can become blocked, particularly when experiencing emotional situations. It is thought that the blockages within Chakras can manifest themselves into physical issue such as lower back pain or emotional issues such as low self-esteem. 

The 7 Chakras consist of the following: 

  • Crown Chakra – Located at the very top of the head, this Chakra can either be represented by the colour violet or white. The Crown Chakra relates to awareness and intelligence and is linked to every other Chakra and is thought to link to our connection with our spiritual side and life’s purpose. 

  • Third Eye Chakra – Located between the eyes, on the forehead (also known as the “brow chakra), the Third Eye Chakra is represented by the colour indigo and relates to intuition and imagination. 

  • Throat Chakra – Located in the throat, this Chakra is represented by the colour blue and relates to communication. 

  • Heart Chakra – Located in the centre of the chest, just above the heart, this Chakra is represented by the colour green and relates to love and compassion. 

  • Solar Plexus Chakra – Located on the upper abdomen, in the stomach area, the Solar Plexus Chakra is represented by the colour yellow and relates to self-esteem and confidence. 

  • Sacral Chakra – Located just below the bellybutton, above the pubic bone and is represented by the colour orange. The Sacral Chakra relates to sexuality, pleasure and creativity. 

  • Root Chakra – Located at the base of the spine, in the tailbone area, the Root Chakra is represented by the colour red and relates to physical and emotional identity, stability and grounding. 

Crystal healers work to unblock and dispel negative energies from these energy centres by placing the crystals on the areas of the body where the Chakras lie and areas that may be causing physical or emotional pain.  

It is believed that by carrying out this process, the positive and healing energy from the crystal will be absorbed by the body and as a result, releasing blockages in the Chakras. 

The Benefits of Crystal Healing 

Particularly in the uncertain times which have presented us over the last few years, people have been searching for ways to improve their overall wellbeing and alleviate both the emotional and physical symptoms of issues such as stress and anxiety.  

Increasingly, people are turning to Crystal healing when in need of emotional support or help them rediscover their inner power. Crystal healing is therefore an attractive alternative therapy which can be used to help bring body, mind, spirit and soul into a state of balance, harmony and happiness. 

Each individual crystal is said to have their own special healing properties and energies which can work towards benefiting specific areas of your life both physically and emotionally. Some of our favourite Crystals include the following: 

  • Citrine – If you are in need of a confidence boost, Citrine can help you focus on the inner strength and the confidence you need to work towards a more fulfilled life, discovering your true potential. 

  • Rose Quartz – Great if your focus is enhancing feelings of self-love. This crystal works by activating the heart Chakra and bringing back into balance your relationships with the people in your life and your connection with the natural environment. 

  • Amethyst – This popular crystal is perfect for dispelling negative energy in a room as well as helping you to tap into your intuition through your Third Eye and Crown Chakras. 

If it’s your first-time using healing crystals, why not try holding a crystal during meditation practice or place on one of your 7 chakra energy centres. Alternatively, you can also place crystals at points of your home where you believe energy flows need to be cleansed and enhanced. 

Caring For Your Crystals 

Once you have chosen the right set of crystals which resonate with you, it’s important to make sure you take good care of them. Cleanse and recharge your crystals to ensure that any lingering negative energy is dispersed, allowing you to embrace the full healing power of your crystals. It’s worth doing this before you use your crystals for the first time and after subsequent use. 

Here are a few simple ways in which you can cleanse your crystals: 

  • Moonlight Bathing – The light of the moon is thought to provide a powerful cleansing energy, particularly for crystals. On a clear night, place your crystals on your windowsill or in a safe place outside where they won’t be damaged. 

  • Water Purification – If you don’t have access to a natural body of water such as a stream or river, then filtered water from your home is just as good a method to cleanse your crystals. If cleansing with water, do make sure that your crystals are compatible with water to ensure they don’t suffer any damage. 

  • Smudging – This ancient spiritual ritual has been used over time as a method to dispel negative energies whether that relates to your body or the space you are in. When it comes to crystals, it is thought that smudging is a great way to cleanse and empower them. 

  • Cleansing Crystals – You can also cleanse and recharge your crystals using the power of other crystals such as Selenite or Quartz. Simply place the crystals in need of cleansing on a flat surface and surround them with the Selenite or Quartz crystals. 

Crystal Healing and Enlightenment 

Are you ready to begin your journey of inner healing? Speak with our gifted psychics and crystal healers who can help you understand how you can release blockages within, so you can start healing. Call our friendly reception today on 0207 553 5000 for empowering guidance in life or love. 

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