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How do you get over a betrayal
25 March 2024

How do you get over a betrayal





Betrayal can be a hard life challenge to handle and to recover from. It can go straight to your heart and make you feel unheard and/or abandoned. It can have such an impact on you, you may feel like a vulnerable small child.

A betrayal can be from a long time ago but you might still be carrying the hurt. If the hurt is deep enough, it can appear as a physical pain or illness. Often doctors can find no cause for the pain. Yet you are still feeling it.

It is never too late to take action. You can heal and reclaim a part of your lovely self. It is yours to own and enjoy.

How do you handle other people’s betrayal of you?

If you ask for help, I have found you are never really alone. This is the guidance I was asked to use for myself and to share with others. For like you, I have experienced betrayal which has left me with a pain in my side no doctor seems able to explain. Try this…

Go into a meditative state and try these three steps:

1. Mitigate the impact of the betrayal for every aspect of yourself - mind, body, emotions, soul at both the energy and physical level.

  • Do things that please you, rest to help recouperation. Talk to people you trust about the betrayal to help you get the hurt out of you.

2. Stabilise

  •  Give yourself lots of love, use colours that help you, walk in nature, cook healthy food you love.

3. Repair – step back and don’t respond until you feel stable. You can’t control another’s actions but you are responsible for your response. Be kind but firm on what you feel is right. If the betrayal is from a long time ago and you are unable to speak to the individual, visualise the person and speak your response to them.

Colours I have found helpful in this situation are lovely pinks to aid self-love. There are lots of gorgeous hues of pink. Your soul will help you to chose the right one for you. Pink helps you with self-love and self-nurture. It brings out the feminine side of you and helps you to care for that vulnerable inner-child.

You may find yourself attracted to turquoise. Perhaps try wearing turquoise. If you don’t have any clothes of that colour perhaps you can find a scarf. It is good for emotional health and expressing yourself. Turquoise is a mix of the green from your heart chakra and blue from your throat. It assists you with speaking your truth from your heart. People will intuitively respond to the authenticity of what you say.

No betrayal makes you someone other than you are. Often the perpetrator is acting from jealous of the lovely and gifted person you are. Try not to allow them to hold you back from being your authentic self.

Be still and know that I am me.


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