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How to sustain a distant relationship
8 February 2024

How to sustain a distant relationship





How to sustain a distant relationship

All love is good, be it a partner, friend or family who may live nearby or one who lives a long way away. However, all relationships need to be nourished or they begin to dwindle and die.

How do you sustain a long distant relationship?

Staying in touch is an obvious action. It can be by whatever means suit you both – text, phone, zoom, email or even good old fashioned hand written letters. I believe what they all do is send a little of your energy and love to the person you are contacting. The recipient hears and feels you.

I learnt in lockdown to give virtual reiki sessions over WhatsApp. Distance is absolutely no problem for energy. My friends and customers were amazed that it felt the same as when I was in the same room as them. I took a big learning from this experience….

Love is intelligent energy and has no bounds.

So, with this post of the Kyoto Garden in Holland Park, London I am sending my love to my friend Hitomi in Tokyo. Normally she visits me and our friends in London every other year but it is not always possible. Hitomi, we love you and send you our love until we meet again.

Send your love to someone you are not able to be with, so they feel loved.

Try it for yourself. Watch this short video, look at the water and see it flows, hear how it splashes over the rocks. Choose a swirl in the pond at the bottom of the waterfall to represent your loved one and let the water be a symbol of your love flowing towards them.

Send your love and a simple message to the person you cannot meet at the moment.

Better still repeat the process over a couple of days to ensure your loved one is surrounded by your love.

It’s alright if your person has passed. They will hear you too.

A message of love for a loved one




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