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Psychic Medium Reading
8 January 2021

Psychic Medium Reading

Are you thinking about having a reading with a psychic medium? What is a reading with a medium and how can it help you in life? Find out how a psychic reading with a medium can be an enlightening and empowering experience…

Some people worry about having a reading with a psychic medium because they are not sure what to expect. A spiritual medium can connect with the spirit world and converse with loved ones who have passed over to the other side. Mediums are channelers, so they act as a middle person for the loved one who has passed and the person having the reading. A reading with a medium is not scary; it is often a beautiful experience that gives validations and guidance from the other side…

What is a Medium?

A medium is a person who is also often psychic but has the ability to communicate with those in the spirit world. These can be our loved ones we have lost, partners, our parents or friends who have passed over to the afterlife. A medium can connect either by listening and hearing their voices, or by sensing their presence. If the psychic medium is also a clairvoyant, then they will be able to see spirit and quite possibly describe them too. Some mediums have many skills from being able to converse with spirit, to being able to feel their emotions (clairsentient), see spirit (clairvoyant) and hear spirit (clairaudient). Combining all of these gifts brings a highly skilled medium who will be able to give proof and evidence that they have connected with your loved ones. This could include their appearance, the clothes they wore, their line of work and sometimes how they passed. Spiritual mediums often attend spiritualist churches and will be able to channel loved ones for those who are in the audience.

How Does a Reading with a Psychic Medium Work Over the Phone?

Some people find it hard to believe that a reading with a medium can work over the phone as the medium and the person are not face to face. However, phone mediums can connect just as well and sometimes, it can actually be a better connection because there are no external distractions. A phone medium can focus on picking up from your voice vibration and connecting with your loved ones in spirit, passing on messages of love and reassurance. A phone reading with a medium can be just as enlightening as a physical reading, and the information that you receive can be comforting and uplifting. Phone mediums are also accessible at any time, meaning you can have a reading with an online medium any time of day or night.

What Should I Expect from an Online Medium Reading?

When we lose a loved one in life, it can be one of the hardest things we will ever face. Not only do we dearly miss them, but we miss their presence, their hugs and their advice in times of need. A reading with an online medium can sometimes be a little emotional because you are connecting with somebody you have lost, but more importantly, it can be incredibly soothing and heart-warming. Psychic Mediums are used to people occasionally having a few tears during a psychic phone reading, but they are usually tears of happiness, and mediums are extremely caring and compassionate. They feel blessed to have their gift and to be able to help people connect with their loved ones. A reading with online mediums will be an enlightening experience, helping you to accept and move on with your life. Our loved ones stay with us watching from the other side, so when we are faced with challenges, they can advise and help you through a reading with a medium.

Should I Speak to an Online Medium or an Online Psychic?

This totally depends on the kind of reading you would like. Having said that, many psychic mediums will also be able to give you insight and guidance to your life, relationships, work or family. If you want to solely connect with a loved one who has passed, then it is best to speak to a medium or a clairvoyant medium. But if you just want advice on a question, then it’s probably better to speak to an online psychic. A reading with a clairvoyant medium can be more in-depth because they are not only giving insight through their natural psychic ability, they have the added benefit of channelling advice from the spirit world too.

How Do I Know if it’s a Real Medium?

Psychic mediums and clairvoyant mediums have occasionally had bad press over the years, criticised by something called ‘Cold Reading’. This is usually when a charlatan claiming to be a medium has learned how to read people and given them very generalised information to make them believe they are a true medium. This is done through looking at body language, so it’s only really possible face to face. A real medium will validate who they are connecting with in the spirit world, giving names, descriptions of them, even describing smells or sayings they used to use. They may give evidence of objects, presents or gifts that were exchanged when they were living, or places they lived. If you speak to a real medium, you will get all the evidence you need to know that they are genuine and highly skilled.

Are Medium Readings Scary?

Some people are nervous of having a psychic reading with a medium, worried about what they might hear or possibly finding it strange that they are communicating with their loved ones who have passed. A reading with a medium is not scary at all, and if you speak to a good online medium, you are guaranteed to feel completely uplifted, reassured and happy after the reading. It’s a wonderfully enlightening experience which may surprise you, but only in a good way. A reading with a medium is a special experience which you will remember forever. Many people who have an online medium reading, miss their loved ones and feel that the connection will help them have closure, but also will feel truly inspired knowing that they are always close by.

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Crystal Clear Psychics hand-pick their mediums and psychics, taking them through a four-level test process to ensure they are genuine, highly skilled and experienced. Having a reading with a medium is a special experience and you need to be able to trust the medium you’re speaking to if you want to connect with your loved ones. Our mediums are very gifted, caring and compassionate, and we ensure that a psychic mediumship reading with our mediums will be a wonderful encounter for you. To find out more about our mediums, psychics and clairvoyants, visit our Readers page.


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