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The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio: Its Significance and What to Expect
13 May 2022

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio: Its Significance and What to Expect

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Monday 16th May 2022 in Scorpio 5:12am UK time


The full moon takes place on the 16th May in the sign of Scorpio. In ancient times when the astrologers would look up to the sky, they would divide the moon’s position up into sections called mansions, to explain specifically where the moon was at any given time.

All these mansions had names. This month the full moon, lunar eclipse will take place in the mansion named ‘the tail of the Scorpion’. This part of the sky is governed by the planets Mars and also Mercury.

Mars in astrology represents passion and war. Mercury represents communication and movement.

The moon always makes certain angles with the planets as it moves around in the sky. These can either be favourable or challenging.

This month’s full moon makes positive aspects with Jupiter, Neptune, and Pluto. As Jupiter is the planet of good fortune, it means that the moments leading up to the full moon could bring us good news and unexpected luck. Neptune is the planet of dreams and of creativity. So many of us might have lucid dreams and conjure up some thoughts from the ideas we have in our minds.

Pluto is known as the dark lord of the sky; it helps us to analyse what isn’t working so we can get rid of it from our lives.  You might find that this full moon increases your awareness of what is no longer needed in your life. These moments may lead you to suddenly following a new regime, a diet or even moving yourself away from certain people.

This full moon is going to be shadowed by the Earth for 5 hours; the earth will move in front of the Sun and the Moon and cast a red shadow onto the Moon. It is a full lunar eclipse. This is why also the Full Moon this month is called the Blood Moon. The moon will be at it’s fullest at 5:14am.

In ancient times during the full moon eclipse people would rush inside their homes to pray or meditate. They didn’t understand the changes in the sky which science explains today; the fear they had of these unknown dark shadows overlooking our skies led to them to resorting to comforting activities such as prayer and meditation, or simply going indoors to avoid anything that might happen.

Ironically, we will be saying goodbye to mental health awareness week which is all about meditation and being mindful just before the onset of the full moon. I do believe that all our efforts to be mindful will prepare us for the changes this full moon brings.

So, what of the changes?

This full moon focuses on how we communicate with others which is highlighted by the position of the moon. It is also about looking within to see how we can make life better for ourselves and others. As we move forward, the light of this moon will help us to see how we can do this.

The full moon is considered by the Celts and Shamans as a time of great manifestation. It is the time of the month when all our efforts prior come to fruition. Here is a full moon Celtic manifestation prayer, (Peters and Meiklejohn – Free, 2020):

Take a handful of seeds at sunrise and say:

Early rise to greet the morn

Wishes made upon dawn

Goals, desires, place in seed

One for each and every seed,

Nurture growth until it’s noon,

Giving thanks to Sun and Moon

Magic’s strong now to create,

All I wish to generate.

Throw and sow the seeds into the earth at noon, and say:

Gracefully I accept the magic of you,

Of protection to assist in all I do.

Lend me the courage, build power in me,

Assist in my transcendence

So, Mote It Be…



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