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The Healing Power of Animal Empaths
30 December 2021

The Healing Power of Animal Empaths

More Than a Man’s Best Friend! 

“I call animals “guardians of Being”, especially animals that live with humans. Because, for many humans, it’s through their contact with animals they get in touch with that level of being.” Eckhart Tolle 

Have you ever truly taken a moment to focus on how you feel when you are in the presence of animals, whether it’s your beloved family pet, or even the animals we come into contact with in nature, in our natural world? Have you noticed the difference in how animals, particularly pets behave around you in times of happiness or sadness? 

Although, at times we wish we could, we’re not able to communicate with animals through speech as we would with humans, however, it is believed animals we come into contact with communicate with us in a range of non-verbal ways, sharing their energies with us through their senses.  

Animals are highly sensitive in the way they feel about nature and other living things, particularly when it comes to pets and their relationships with their owners. It is believed and often said that because they live in the present moment, they can pick up on the energies around them, whether positive or negative helping them make intuitive decisions on how to act in certain situations. This is key to the idea that animals are true empaths, and that we as humans could learn a lot from them. 

The benefits of our connection with our pets and their effect on our spiritual and emotional wellbeing are becoming ever more significant as we become more consumed by day-to-day pressures, responsibilities and influences of daily modern life. The unconditional love and affection shown to us by our pets can help us reconnect with our inner and outer world and improve our emotional wellbeing. 

Pets Mirror Us in Mind, Body & Spirit! 

We love to shout out about the rewards and benefits of being close to animals in nature or owning a pet. Have you ever noticed how your pets seem to be there for you to share in your emotional and physical highs and lows? There are countless benefits of being a pet owner from companionship to guiding those who are less abled and generally the positive effects of having a pet as a valued family member. 

  • They help to keep us fit 

  • They reduce the physical and emotional effects of loneliness 

  • They’re great at reducing stress 

  • Pets help us engage with others – how many times have we heard “what a cute dog?” from a stranger 

  • Pets get us outside, improving our immune system 

  • Pets are our ‘guardians’ - they protect us and make us feel safe 

When it comes to our overall wellbeing pets can make a huge impact on our mental, emotional and psychical wellbeing. Animals allow themselves to be vulnerable, therefore they pick up on feelings of others whether its feelings of happiness and joy or sadness and pain. Just think about the times you’ve felt sad, and your pet has come to your side to comfort you or in times of joy and laughter, your pet has joined in to show excitement. 

In an empathy study by Animal Cognition, investigating emotional contagion in dogs and the idea of ‘catching’ another's emotion, it revealed that dogs responded differently to negative emotional sounds, such as crying, compared to positive emotional sounds like laughing. The dogs were shown to match the emotions of the person they were around. There is some debate whether this is learned behaviour. However, in times when an owner may feel emotionally drained but doesn’t physically show it, is it time to question our pet's empathic ability to tune into our energies and vibrations? 

The idea of empathy and the ability to perceive and identify and share another's emotions is traditionally characterised as a human attribute. However, it is believed that animals are very sensitive to energies and can detect changes in your bodies vibrations and as a result absorb any unusual energies from their owners to keep them safe.  

What We Can Learn from Animals as Empaths 

Pets can be considered to be both our friends and guardians in nature and will be by our sides through thick and thin, as long as we show them the same unconditional love they show to us. As our ‘Guardian Animals’, pets can help us restore our balance and energies, bringing us peace and solace when we interact with them.  

Our pets can teach us a lot about love, life, loss, spirituality and living in the present moment, simply by how they connect with us without discrimination or preconceptions.  

  • They love and accept us unconditionally. 

  • They are non-judgmental. 

  • They trust their intuition. 

  • They are not afraid to show devotion and loyalty. 

  • They don’t let fear and insecurity get in the way of them living in the moment 

Animals instinctively know when to relax, let go and be in the present moment, making them natural meditators. Lessons can be learnt from then on how we care for them, other people and ourselves by showing unconditional love and connecting with our empathetic side. 

Restoring Your Pets Spiritual Balance 

If you’re a natural empath, you’ll understand how emotionally draining it can be, so give a moment of thought to your beloved pet!  

Our pets also need our care and some well-deserved rest and relaxation to enable them to contribute to our own personal wellbeing. Make time to restore your pets spiritual balance in a few simple steps: 

  • Let them reconnect with nature – it's important for them to interact with other energies. Too much absorption of negative energies can be physically and emotionally overwhelming.  

  • Take stock of your own emotions – Meditate and review your inner and outer world to ensure you and your pet are living within a space of positive energy 

  • Treat them with kindness – Live in the present moment and give them your full attention. They will enjoy and cherish that moment without judgement.  

  • Connect on a spiritual level – A pet communication specialist can help you connect with your pet on an intuitive level, helping you to address any issues from a heart and soul perspective. 

It’s important, for your pets, like people not to become emotionally overloaded and have the opportunity to replenish and have a spiritual and emotional cleanse in nature. 

Pet Connections – Wellness & Spirituality 

The relationship we have with our pets is a wonderful and special one. Not only can our pets help enhance our physical world, but they also play an important part in helping us connect with our spiritual world. As much as they help us and enhance our wellbeing, it’s important we remember that our animal guardians need our care just as much to ensure their emotional wellbeing is protected.  

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