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The world is changing: does it feel like this to you?
27 June 2024

The world is changing: does it feel like this to you?





Our world is in a state of turmoil and change. You only have to listen to the news or read the headlines to know this is true. There are two wars in progress, politics across Europe are swinging to the right, America - as one of, if not the most powerful country in the world - has an old man and a convicted liar running for president, the cost of living is still high and interest rates have yet to be cut.

Almost certainly one of the above either affects you or upsets you.

What can you do about it?

It is tempting to be like an ostrich and put your head in the sand and hope it will all go away. This, nor worrying about it all, will make any difference or improve the situation.

There is value in understanding what is going on as it prepares you to adapt. This way you might have a better chance of a good outcome for you and your life.

Disruption is often a key characteristic of change.

Learning to mitigate the disruption for your personal circumstances is part of being able to ride the change. It is no longer acceptable to say “In my day…..”. You are living your life today in whatever circumstances today brings. We all need to be like the young and to learn to adapt.

Being adaptable is a key capability for surviving change, whatever it is.

Emotionally withdrawing and living your life behind a veil is not the answer to living a happy and fulfilling life through periods of change. Engaging with the change gives you the opportunity to choose what you think is good for you and your community, and to look for ways of mitigating what you don’t like. Without engagement you do not get this opportunity.

You might think you don’t have the ability to affect world situations so it’s not worth trying. This may be partially true, but we all have a responsibility to turn up for the next day and to try to live our best day with our highest set of life values. The world we live in is after all a consolidation of you and what you do, along with me and what I do, plus everyone else and what they do. If at the ground level everyone tried to live an honest life, think how different our communities and countries would be. You can be part of this cumulative change. I feel much more common sense would start to prevail.

Are memories from the past useful?

There is a tendency to look at the past through rose tinted spectacles. However, there is value in analysing the past and trying to learn from it. Many are saying today’s world has many similarities to the 1930s that lead up to World War II. In spiritual circles I hear people ask - did Hitler go to hell? The answer I hear is that not all of the World War II atrocities were due to Hitler. There were many people who enabled him to come to power and turned a blind eye to some of the awful things he did.

Are you complacent about Jews in your country not feeling safe, Palestinians being killed, wokeness that has gone too far, drugs creeping into your community?

Everyone needs to feel safe to be happy.

By being part of Team Humans, we can all feel safe. With sharing and distribution of resources no-one need be hungry either. Let’s wish ourselves happy, healthy lives and each of us pro-actively take an action each day to make our world a better play. This does not need to cost money. It could be as simple as taking the time to talk to a neighbour who lives alone and might not speak to anyone that day if you didn’t say “Hello”.

Join me in being a part of Team Humans.


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