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Have you ever been instantly attracted to someone? Have you ever felt you have known them forever within minutes of meeting them? It is possible that you have met and cared for each other in a previous existence!


Often, these feelings appear in the early stages of a relationship. Two people instinctively know each others` likes and dislikes, knowing what the other going to say, and experiencing a deep attraction that goes beyond the physical.


Even if these feelings don`t appear right away, they can grow within a relationship. Many people instinctively know if their partner is upset or in trouble. They may even experience the same dream while sleeping!


The key word here is "instinct". Instinct is a name given to the psychic talents that lie hidden within all of us. For some, these instincts kick in almost immediately, but for others they take time to develop. In both instances the perception is that we have known our partner for far longer than seems possible.


Intertwined in a Past Life?


If you suspect you and your partner have been intertwined in a past life, there are other clues to look for. Do you share an interest in a certain period in history? Do both of you experience dreams about specific instances that are seemingly irrelevant to your daily lives? When we meet someone with whom we have shared a past-life, our subconscious minds begin to communicate on a higher level.


Many people connect on a psychic level, before they have even met. Internet dating is a prime example. Although words are exchanged, connections can be forged without a physical meeting. This is because our psychic selves are attuned to finding the best in life and are constantly on the lookout for positive energy. If you think of yourself as a radio with a specific frequency, then you have to accept the possibility that someone else may transmit and receive on the same wavelength. While you may not have met the person with whom you are subconsciously communicating, you may be aware of a feeling, such as an undefined emptiness in your life or even the feeling that there is "something around the corner".


Your Psychic Antennae


This instinct is, in fact, your psychic antennae exchanging signals with another transmitter. While the messages may be vague and indecipherable to begin with, they are in fact laying the foundations for a deeper level of understanding. For most people who experience the uncanny sense that they have met someone before, this usually happens on a first meeting. The dam breaks and the ether is buzzing with psychic conversation.


However, it is also possible for this to occur in an established relationship. When it does occur, it's usually with the realisation that the other person is the missing piece of your particular life puzzle. This can be because those in the relationship develop their psychic abilities at different levels and have still not yet found the frequency that will let them communicate on an entirely honest and vulnerable level. Couples often refer to this as a 'second honeymoon' or seeing each other again for the first time. They are gaining a deeper psychic understanding of one another, and taking their relationship to a higher level.


For those who accept the possibility of reincarnation, these ideas may be easier to understand. If reincarnation allows us to encounter an infinite number of souls and spirits on our journey to perfection, a love that continues to be reborn through the lives that are set down before us must be a powerful one indeed.


Whatever your belief, a deep, psychic connection with another human being is one to be treasured.


Author: Barney

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