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Spiritual Immunity
2 April 2020

Spiritual Immunity

During the Winter months, our physical health can easily be impacted by the lack of sunlight and vitamin D, often bringing viruses, colds and flu. Whereas our spiritual health is influenced by our surroundings and our outlook on life, but it too can suffer just as much as our physical health. There are many ways you can support your physical and spiritual health...

What is Spiritual Health?

Spiritual health is the mind, the body and the spirit. Each of these factors can also be altered by our mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. If our spiritual health isn’t balanced, then our wellness is unlikely to be on top form. To be in good spiritual immunity is to be content in your outlook on life, your surroundings, your relationships, your home and your emotional well-being. When we doubt our innermost feelings or thoughts, our spiritual health can feel imbalanced, influencing key areas of our life.

How to Boost Spiritual Immunity with Holistic Therapies

“Holistic” means to treat the mind, the body and the soul. Holistic therapies have evolved over time to have a positive impact on spiritual immunity, mental, emotional and physical health without using medicine.


Essential oils are derived from plants and flowers. Each essential oil has its own beneficial properties and can either be diluted in a massage oil base such as sweet almond oil or grapeseed oil, or they can be added to an oil burner or diffuser. Essential oils such as Lavender have antibacterial and antiviral properties which help to combat viruses, colds and flu. Lavender is also well-known for promoting relaxation and sleep; and can be used to de-stress and reduce symptoms of anxiety. Tea Tree oil and Rosemary are also strong germ killers and can be used around the home too. Eucalyptus oil is famous for helping you to breathe better when you have a cold. A few drops on a tissue or leaning over a hot bowl of water with a towel over your head, can really help to clear the nasal passages. Although essential oils are natural, precaution must be taken, and we recommend you always seek advice from a certified Aromatherapist.

Did you know that during the Great Plague of London, people used to sew herbs such as Rosemary and Lavender into their clothes to protect them from germs and ward off the plague?

Holistic Remedies

There are various holistic remedies which can help to combat ill-health. Ginger tea is a popular antidote to support the immune system, soothe sore throats and reduce congestion and inflammation. Simply grate around 2 teaspoons of ginger root in a cup of hot water. If you take vitamin supplements, then taking vitamin C is proven to help protect against common colds and gives your immune system a boost. Fruits and vegetables such as lemons, oranges, strawberries, broccoli and dark green vegetables are all full of good natural nutrition including vitamin C. Remember that a lack of sunshine and vitamin D means that most of us have to top up, especially in the Winter months. Foods that contain vitamin D include tuna, mackerel and salmon, dairy foods, orange juice and eggs. Honey is a fantastic source of antioxidants and has antibacterial and antiviral properties to boost the immune system and soothe coughs and sore throats. Add 1 or 2 tablespoons to a cup of ginger tea or hot lemon. Manuka honey is especially excellent for not only colds and viruses, but also has strong healing properties for wounds, skin conditions and digestive symptoms.

Alternative Therapies

Alternative therapies have transpired over the years to offer an alternative to conventional medicinal care and to support spiritual immunity. While we should always get advice from our GP, and alternative or complementary therapies should NOT replace medicinal treatment, some people choose an alternative to treat their complaints. Here are just a few of the alternative therapies that are available:

• Acupuncture
• Ayurvedic medicine
• Bowen technique
• Herbalism
• Homeopathy
• Hypnotherapy

Crystal Healing

Many of our psychics use crystals in their readings, and also work as Crystal Healers. Crystal Healing is a natural and holistic therapy which aims to balance the chakras, and influence the emotions, the body and the mind. The energetic power of the crystals are believed to have a balancing effect on the chakras when placed on the body, unblocking any problem areas. Crystals have also been used over time to combat illnesses such as colds and flu. You can use crystals in the home by placing them near you, in your pocket or next to your pillow at night. Some people say they place crystals in their bath or in their drink to absorb their positive energies. Crystal such as Aventurine, Flourite, Carnelian and Bloodstone are especially good for Winter viruses.

Plenty of Rest

Sleep is actually one of the most important aspects to balancing your spiritual immunity and health. Our bodies need sleep and it is vital for helping us maintain optimal health and well-being. In fact, sleep is just as important as eating a healthy, balanced diet and getting regular exercise. Getting a good night’s sleep will influence everyday life, including our happiness, our relationships, our work performance, our mood and our outlook on life. It is essential for energy, mental functioning and decision-making. Lack of sleep can make it difficult to concentrate during the waking hours and it can contribute towards your overall well-being by affecting your health and energy.

Did you know that an hour of sleep before midnight is worth 2 hours of sleep after midnight?

Happiness is Paramount

Your happiness and outlook on life is an important part of your spiritual health. When we are happy, life feels easier and flows smoothly. When we are sad or stressed, we can find it difficult to focus on the good. Winter colds and viruses can often leave us feeling drained of energy, so it is important to look after ourselves, use the healing properties of plants, foods and crystals that Mother Nature has provided, and rest with plenty of sleep when needed. Outside influences can affect our way of thinking and our outlook on life, and often these influences can be out of our control, yet we cannot protect ourselves from suffering the impact. As we slowly move from Winter to Spring, the last few weeks of the cold weather can drag, often making us feel tired, lethargic or fed up and influencing our spiritual immunity. But very soon, the signs of Spring will be upon us, the birdsong will be louder, and the buds will be bursting through as the green leaves on the trees brighten the horizon.

If you need a little help focusing on the future or guidance on spiritual immunity, our psychics will bring positivity and insight to help you feel motivated at looking forward in the coming months. A better tomorrow starts today…

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