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The Taurus Woman
22 October 2020

The Taurus Woman

Are you a typical Taurus woman? What are the traits of the Taurus woman and what are her love compatibilities? The Earth sign of Taurus is born between the 20th April - 20th May, and has the bull as her zodiac symbol.

The Taurus woman is known as one of the most feminine signs in the zodiac. She is classy, charismatic, a calming influence and a good friend. She will be very diplomatic in her approach, polite and well-mannered in her communications, but she has an incredible inner strength that stays hidden until she needs to reveal it. She has a strong vocabulary and will be powerful with her words when needed. Articulate in conversation, intelligent and wise, the Taurus woman will always clearly state her point but also listen to the opinion of others. She is a beautiful creature who oozes splendour, often adorned in fine clothes in her own quirky style with immaculate make-up and hair to match.

The Taurus woman is earthy, a wonderful and natural mother, and a strong feminine influence on all the important men in her life. However, she can appear cunning with her approach, but this is just because she wants to keep control. If she has children, her perfect day is teaching them about nature and boosting their intelligence with her knowledge and experience throughout life. She loves her family and they come first; she is loyal and can be depended on.

Dating a Taurus Woman

If you’re trying to win the heart of a Taurus woman, then show her respect and adore her completely. She needs a partner who is strong and who she can also respect and admire, giving a perfectly balanced partnership. If you’re thinking of taking a Taurus woman on a date, then romantic candlelit meals will seduce her, perhaps accompanied by a classical concert or an art exhibition. She also loves nature, so a romantic walk in the countryside or in the gardens of a beautiful manor house would do well to show her that you’re down to earth and her kind of partner. The Taurus woman does not like crude or vulgar behaviour, no matter her age, she is mature and responsive to well-mannered people just like her.

Relationship with a Taurus Woman

The Taurus woman is passionate in the bedroom and incredibly romantic. She can often put her partner on a pedestal, worshiping the ground they walk on, and expecting them to do the same. She needs affection, attention and a loving partner who will wholeheartedly show that they 100% adore her. She isn’t interested in one-night stands or quick flings, and she will shun any suspected player. She looks for a long-lasting relationship only and will not abide time wasters. Her bedroom will be adorned in luxury, with beautiful colours and materials to lavish her taste.

What are the Taurus Woman Compatibilities?

Taurus + Capricorn – The Capricorn is loyal, a good lover and an honest partner. These two Earth signs have a good understanding of each other and commitment in a relationship is important to them.

Taurus + Virgo – The Virgo will be attractive for their emotional intelligence and honesty. Taurus likes to be organised in life and Virgo can almost be OCD and methodical in their daily life, giving the Taurus woman a feeling of security and structure.

Taurus + Pisces – The Piscean will lure her with his gentle and original characteristics. Dreamy, romantic and honest, the Pisces partner will embrace the Taurus woman’s creativity and beauty.

Taurus Career - Work or Play?

Indeed, the Taurus woman loves to work! She thrives on success and likes to be independent in earnings. If she’s self-employed, she may find it difficult to switch off, working hard into the late nights to support herself and her family. As an employee, she is loyal and hard working and if she’s in management be cautious as she will be tough and stubborn to get the tasks completed or deadlines reached. You can rely on her as a manager, she will be fair but also quickly spot if one of her team are not pulling their weight. The ideal career for a Taurus woman is in the finance industry, or in the performing arts where she can surround herself with creativity or beauty.

The Taurus Woman in Family & Friendships

She is probably one of the most attentive Mothers in teaching her children about the world. She loves history and nature, so the Taurus woman has a natural enthusiasm to enlighten her children with all her knowledge and eager to take them places to learn more. She may be good at baking and creating with her children, and although she’s happy for her kids to get dirty playing out in the garden, they will be smart and presentable when they’re out. As a friend, the Taurus woman is loyal, always a listening ear and always there to offer her very diplomatic advice. She’s a teacher, an advisor and a carer for those she loves and will do her utmost to be a good friend. If she’s tired, she may cancel last minute or if she’s adamant she’s right, she could be stubborn. However, the Taurus woman is a lovable person, and she will earn your respect, as she shows respect for you.

Taurus in Love

If you’re falling for a Taurus woman or a Taurus man, and they feel the same – then you are pretty much guaranteed a long-term relationship. Taureans do not let their guard down unless they completely trust and respect you. But once they do, they could be a keeper for life. If you want to know if there’s a long-term future between you and your Taurus woman, then speak to our gifted astrologers and psychics. Get a telephone reading with the UK’s top psychics for insight to love, relationships and future partnerships. You can either call 0207 553 5000 to connect or you can click HERE to our Available Psychics page to see which readers are online now.


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