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Jun 20 - Jul 22



Emotional and sensitive, Cancers are one of the most misunderstood and hard to understand star signs in the zodiac. They are intuitive and sentimental, holding on to memories and objects for a lifetime if it holds enough value for them. They care deeply about their family and friends, and are empathetic individuals, always being there for others. In this article we will explain everything about a Cancer and their best and worst traits, what star signs they are most compatible with, and what their relationships are like with their friends and family. 

What Are The Traits And Characteristics Of A Cancer Individual?

Zodiac Sign: The Brave Crab
Element: Water
Colour: White
Day: Monday, Thursday
Ruler: Moon
Gemstone: Emerald, Ruby
Lucky Numbers: 2, 3, 15, 20
Best Compatibility: Capricorn, Taurus
Tarot Card: The Chariot
Dates: June 21st to July 22nd

Cancer-born individuals are very loyal, and become very attached to the people they become close to. Being a part of the element of water, they are very much guided by their emotions, and connecting with the world around them. They are also ruled by the moon, and its lunar cycle affects them with uncontrollable emotional patterns and a deeper internal retrospection. They could have a lack of patience, which usually shows up in later life, along with mood swings, and even self-pity or manipulation of others. But their true personality is to be always quick to help others, as well as to avoid conflict, especially with the ones closest to them. They are content to just be surrounded with family and close friends and have harmony in the home, rather than be out in big groups or social settings. 

Cancer and Love

Because they are very emotional, feelings are a big and important part of any relationship they have, but especially in their love life. They are gentle and caring lovers, and prefer their partners to be stable and reliable, following the same routine with each other on a daily basis. Sexually, if they don’t feel safe, calm and protected by their partner, they will shy away from being experimental, and will most likely not open up to them that way until they do. However, this sign tends to make compromises that do not benefit them in a relationship, and this opens them up to abusive and controlling relationships. They are dedicated and prefer a relationship where there is shared responsibility. And they also love traditional values in a relationship, as well as in life. They cherish important dates such as anniversaries, birthdays and other annual events. Plus, they want to feel needed by their partner, and appreciate gestures of love via compliments.

Cancer and Friends/Family

This zodiac sign is open to meeting new social connections, but will still be wary of them, especially if their existing friends do not approve. They put a great deal of trust into their loved ones, and will help them whenever they ask. However, they enjoy socialising most at home, where they can still be in control of the situation and it is more intimate and inviting. Their friends will say that they can be hard to understand sometimes, but once you get to know them they are sweet and great to be around. With family they cherish the deep bonds they have with them, and are very sentimental, especially with childhood memories. They are great parents, because they are attentive and caring individuals. 

Cancer and Career

If a job needs doing, you can rely on a Cancer. They aren’t afraid of rolling up their sleeves and getting stuck in to the dirty work. However, they tend to perform better on their own, rather than in a group. They are loyal in a career and to their employer, and they can focus intently on a task until it is completed. The best careers for a Cancer include: nurses, doctors, politicians, gardeners and interior designers. Outside of work they need to have a creative outlet, whether that be writing, painting or just general arts and crafts. 

Cancers are intuitive and emotional, and love to surround themselves with the ones closest to them. Hopefully the above has given you a good understanding with this star sign, especially if you are a Cancer yourself, or if you know one personally. If you want to find out more about this zodiac sign, you can get an astrology chart made up for yourself, or read more about it on our blog. 

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