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Feb 19 - Mar 20


The twelfth astrological sign in the Zodiac calendar, Pisces are seen as being selfless and empathetic. Pisces individuals are born in the zodiac calendar between the dates of the 19th of February to the 20th of March. There are many different traits that Pisces has, as well as external influences, such as being ruled by the planet of Neptune. Whether you’re a Pisces yourself and want to learn more about yourself and your internal power, or if you have a Pisces in the family and simply want to know more about them, this article will help you uncover the traits, characteristics, and compatibility of this star sign. 

What Are The Traits And Characteristics of A Pisces Individual?

Zodiac Sign: Two Fishes
Element: Water
Colour: Violet, Sea Green, White
Day: Thursday
Ruler: Neptune, Jupiter
Gemstone: Moonstone, Amethyst
Lucky Numbers: 3, 9, 12, 15, 18, 24
Best Compatibility: Virgo, Taurus
Tarot Card: The Moon
Dates: February 19th to March 20th

Pisces are compassionate and empathetic, always willing to go out of their way to help others. If they see someone in need of help, they will be the first one to go over and offer their assistance. Keeping a Pisces friend around is a good idea if you want someone to be there during emergencies. However, this also means that they can be taken advantage of easily. They have a hard time saying no to others, and will get easily overwhelmed by taking too much on. Plus, they can sometimes take on the role of a martyr, whether this is intentional or not. 
Their emotional nature is due to Pisces being a water sign, and so have a higher emotional capacity and create closer relationships with others. They are also easily forgiving of others, and are tolerant of almost all other zodiac signs. 

Solitude is essential to the Pisces individual, and they will usually spend this time reading, creating art, or exploring their emotions. This doesn’t mean that they are lonely though, and they tend to thrive in smaller social groups so they can form more meaningful relationships with others. Born under both Neptune and Jupiter, Pisces are intuitive and creative, and have an innate wisdom. Many Pisces-born individuals flourish in creative roles such as music production and graphic design, but their empathy means they can also work in more caring roles such as veterinary science or psychiatry. 

Pisces And Love

Pisces are hopeless romantics, being very loyal, gentle, and generous to their lovers. They have a desire to feel a deep connection with all of their partners, and will generally look for relationships which have the potential to become long-term. However, short-term relationships and chance rendezvous are not uncommon. 

Pisces and Friends/Family

Some of the kindest and best friendships you could ever have are with Pisces individuals.  They will more than often put their loved ones needs before their own, and will do their best to resolve any problem that arises in a relationship. They like to express their emotions and feelings to others who they know and love, and communication is a huge part of any relationship they have. Their intuitive nature means that they can sense when something is wrong before it even happens, even sometimes before the person involved knows themselves. 

Pisces and Career

Because they are compassionate and often daydream, the ideal career situation for a Pisces sign would be to be in a creative role where it is helping a charity. Ideal occupations for a Pisces individual include: architect, veterinarian, social worker, musician, and counsellor. This mutable sign is hard-working, dependable and passionate about everything they do, as well as being excellent problem solvers. An intuitive sign, Pisces individuals can also become psychics or mediums, and can connect to their higher self easily. Their mutability means that they can adapt to change easily, but have trouble with routine. 

There are many different facets to Pisces-born individuals, and much to understand about them. This article covers the most important parts, however, there is much more you can learn about this star sign, and possibly much more about them that we have yet to uncover. 

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