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Nov 22 - Dec 21


Travelling is a state of mind for a Sagittarius, and they are constantly curious about everything and anything that is a part of life. They are also highly energetic, and very philosophically motivated to find out the meaning of life and how it applies to them. Their ruling planet also happens to be the largest planet in the solar system, which makes sense given their big personalities. Below we go into what makes up a Sagittarius, their personality and characteristics, what star signs they are most likely to be compatible with, their best career options, and their relationships with friends and family members.

What Are The Traits And Characteristics Of A Sagittarius Individual?

Zodiac Sign: The Archer
Element: Fire
Colour: Blue
Day: Thursday
Ruler: Jupiter
Gemstone: Topaz, Turquoise
Lucky Numbers: 3, 7, 9, 12, 21
Best Compatibility: Gemini, Aries
Tarot Card: Temperance
Dates: November 22nd to December 21st

Sagittarius is the extrovert of the twelve zodiac signs, and they are very optimistic individuals. They enjoy change and adapt well to it. Once they have a thought about a goal or idea, they can set it into motion and achieve it easily. Because they are a fire sign, they need to experience the world as much as possible, and hate to be isolated. They also possess a fantastic sense of humour, have little self-doubt, and can make friends easily. They need to have freedom otherwise they feel trapped and as if they are not living up to their true purpose. They have an innate desire to travel and explore many far-flung countries, experiencing many different cultures in order to broaden their experience. But because of their need to explore and experience as much as they can, they can also be impatient, and also tactless, so communication can become difficult unless they learn to express themselves in a socially acceptable way. 

Sagittarius and Love

Sagittarius-born individuals have a playful nature that can either help or hinder their romantic relationships. But it also means that they can have fun and enjoy themselves with their partners. They are open to trying anything, especially if it means that they can please their partners. They prefer partners who are as open, passionate and enthusiastic as they are themselves. Being so passionate, the line between romantic love and sexual pleasure can become blurred. They enjoy trying new things in the bedroom, but they are also faithful and loyal when they are truly in love. However, they do not enjoy when their partner becomes too clingy or starts to become possessive. They value their independence, even within a relationship, and will do whatever they can to keep it. 

Sagittarius and Friends/Family

These individuals are always surrounded by many friends and loved ones, some of which they met on their travels across the world. To their friends, they come across as lively, fun and entertaining, and any friends of a Sagittarius will receive many gifts and compliments as they are generous people. They will never lecture at you, and are understanding of any difficulties you may be going through, always willing to have a talk or accompany you on a trip to make you feel better. With family, they wear their heart on their sleeve, and will do anything for a family member, close or not. They appreciate family and understand the need to help out whenever it is needed. 

Sagittarius and Career

 Because they possess the power of visualisation and manifestation, Sagittarius-born individuals are excellent at making their dreams and goals a reality, especially with regard to their career. Their ability to communicate well and connect with people makes them great salespeople, and they love jobs that offer them a dynamic and varied routine, with lots of different tasks to keep them occupied. A job which has the same routine day in and out and is behind a desk will stifle their intelligence and creativity, and have them feeling stuck in life. They need to have freedom in all areas of their life, even in their career. Careers which suit a Sagittarius include: artist, researcher, travel agent, actor, salesperson and photographer. 

Sagittarius-born individuals are lively and passionate individuals who love to travel and experience everything the world has to offer. They are always surrounded by friends, and need a career that isn’t stifling to their freedom and independence.  Hopefully the above has given you a good understanding with this star sign, especially if you are a Sagittarius yourself, or if you know one personally. If you want to find out more about this zodiac sign, you can get an astrology chart made up for yourself, or read more about it on our blog. 

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