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Aug 23 - Sep 22

Detail-orientated and highly organised, Virgos are the planners of the zodiac. Nothing gets past a Virgo, and they are very careful about everything they do. This intense and methodical personality may also mean that they can be closed off from the rest of the world, and not open up easily. However, there is much more to learn about a Virgo and their traits, as well as who they’re most compatible with, their relationships with friends and family, and what careers are most suited to them. 

What Are The Traits And Characteristics Of A Virgo Individual?

Zodiac Sign: The Disappointed Goddess
Element: Earth
Colour: Grey, Pale Yellow, Silver
Day: Wednesday
Ruler: Mercury
Gemstone: Jade, Sapphire, Peridot
Lucky Numbers: 5, 14, 15, 23, 32
Best Compatibility: Pisces, Cancer
Tarot Card: The Hermit
Dates: August 23rd to September 22nd

An earth sign means a strong and independent character. They prefer practicality and organisation over free-spiritedness and spontaneity. They set themselves goals, and plan everything to the minute in order to achieve them within the timeframe they gave themselves. But this also means that they can get obsessed over the tiniest of details, being very critical of themselves and others, and become worried about things that everyone else seems to be ok with. Mercury is the ruling planet of Virgo, and this means that they are well versed in all forms of communication, but especially in speech and writing. This makes them great writers and public speakers, but they also have a need to serve others, so caregiving positions are also suitable for a Virgo career. 
They see good in all of humankind, and this means that they can get easily disappointed, whether this is with strangers, friends or family. This can cause them to turn away from everyone that loves them, and keep themselves to themselves. 

Virgo and Love

Many Virgos feel that they are not worthy enough of love, and many will need that reassurance and love from their partner in order to overcome that. Once they begin to feel comfortable and safe with someone, they will start to open up and reveal their vulnerable and affectionate heart. Don’t be worried if you don’t get regular compliments or words of adoration from your Virgo partner, they are not ones to show their love that way. Once you become more intimate with one another, they may express themselves this way from time to time, but this is not their main love language. They prefer to have long-term relationships rather than casual flings in their love life, relying on the stability and reassurance from their partners. Relationships need to follow certain rules and plans that they have in their mind. Trust will be built with a Virgo slowly, and only once they feel comfortable with a partner. 

Virgo and Friends/Family

If you need an excellent problem solver, then always keep a Virgo friend around. They are great for advice and will always help out a friend in need. If a problem arises concerning a friend, they will do everything they can to solve it and help that friend out. Many friendships with Virgos last many years, sometimes even a lifetime, since they treasure the relationships that they have, and nurture them in any way they can. They will do good deeds and favours for you, if you do the same for them. They prefer a quiet evening in at home by themselves or with their close and small social circle, rather than filling up their social calendar with parties or events. They love to stay in bed reading books, and will choose a movie night at home rather than going out to a club. If you are born with the Sun in Virgo, you are also very dedicated to your family, and respect tradition. Virgos understand that being responsible is important, and pride themselves on being able to provide for their family.

Virgo and Career

Being practical, hard-working, analytical and organised, Virgos are great with jobs that involve paperwork, problem-solving and working with their minds. They expect nothing less than perfection from their own work, and can be sometimes too hard on themselves in order to achieve this. They cherish a routine, which helps to keep them grounded and focused on the task they have been given. To feel calm, they need to have a tidy and organised work desk, and not one that is in total disarray. Their need to help out and serve others can make them great doctors and nurses, but they also suit many different types of office jobs and even scientific careers in labs or in the field. 

Virgos are analytical and practical, and love to solve problems of their own and of their friends. It can take a while for a Virgo to warm up to you, but once they have, you have a friend for life. Hopefully the above has given you a good understanding with this star sign, especially if you are a Virgo yourself, or if you know one personally. If you want to find out more about this zodiac sign, you can get an astrology chart made up for yourself, or read more about it on our blog. 

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