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Lily is a well respected natural psychic, spiritual medium and healer with 20 years professional experience. She kindly gives clear, detailed, honest, in-depth, no nonsense readings working with her wise & loving spirit guides plus the angelic realms. An old evolved soul, her insights have helped many people from all over the world. Lily regards working with spiritual energies as a pleasure and privilege which she thoroughly enjoys. Highly intuitive since birth, she inherited her abilities from her mother`s side of the family. Lily has taken a keen interest in most areas of psychic expertise and studied a great deal as well as attending many workshops on spiritual matters over the years. She holds certificates in angel & Archangel attunement, advanced psychic development, hypnotherapy, counselling and hands-on healing. Has a real love of all things spiritual and the supernatural and she`s always eager to learn more to further her education. Lily can cover most areas of life during her readings and will do her utmost to help you. She will always be honest about what or whom she is picking up and delivers her information in a clear and direct, yet friendly manner. She does not offer sugar coated readings or say just what she thinks you want to hear; only the truth as she interprets it as she believes that is of more genuine help in the end. Lily is empathic and compassionate and is an honest and direct reader with many years experience. Lily prefers not to be asked to locate missing objects or animals thank you.


Destiny/life path
Deceased loved ones


Spiritual Medium


Spirit Guides



What people say (5)

Absolutely Great!

Lily has been reading for me for well over a year now and she is absolutely great. She picks up on things that are going on around me with a lot of accuracy and offers some really helpful insight. She often picks up too, on my family members in spirit which is a great comfort and the details she talks about are fascinating as no-one else could possibly know about them but me! Lily has been a great help and support in helping me deal with some pretty horrible family stuff that has been going on, and is a lovely, kind and honest reader. Thank you Lily!

Lisa, UK


The reading I had with Lily was outstanding. I really enjoyed speaking with her. Information was very accurate.

Mrs S, Ohio

Extremely Intuitive

I had one of the very best readings ever with Lily. She is extremely intuitive to the point where she was able to give me names of family members past/present. She has a gentle, warm and straightforward style. It was a real pleasure to speak with her. Thank You so much Lily! You will be hearing from me again! (April 2020)

Rose Nottingham


I would like to say that Lily is an amazing and gifted reader


Blown Away

I had my first reading with Lily, and she was absolutely brilliant. I was left speechless. I was blown away with her professionalism and persona. I would gladly recommend her. I will definitely be calling Lily again soon. 


Mrs D, Kent (July 2020)

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