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Shyama is a natural born psychic and from a young age she has had a deep interest in spirituality. As a Reiki Master, priestess and healer, she is guided by the Goddess Energies to channel the Intuitive Wisdom of the Heart. She is trained in Eastern and Western disciplines and offers integrative readings. The tools she uses are tarot, oracle cards, numerology, astrology, the pendulum, and connecting with the Sacred Flame. Shyama is warm, approachable and empathic. She will put you at ease and listen without judgement no matter what the issue may be. She skilfully weaves together all the elements of a complex situation to bring you clarity wisdom and light. Her readings are empowering and up-lifting.






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What people say (9)

Shyama is your person!

This is a long overdue testimonial for Shyama, from whom i've had the privilege of receiving readings for years now. Shyama has always connected with me in such an accurate way, seen and understood the inner workings of my mind and  my soul. It feels like such a nourishing experience to receive a reading from her : an energy healing and a clear map for the way forward. She has given many accurate predictions. If you're looking for a spiritual counsellor and psychic to guide you on your life path and help you grow, someone who truly cares and looks out for you - Shyama is your person!

Charlotte, March 2022

Amazing reading

“Shyama, thank you for your amazing reading, so informative. Waited 3 years and was well worth it! Love of love”

Mind Body Spirit Festival, October 2022

Extremely Helpful

“Shyama, absolutely lovely reading, very precise and extremely helpful. With love, x"

Mind Body Spirit Festival, October 2022

Spot on!

“Had a reading with Shyama, you were insightful, uplifting and spot on! Thank-you! X”

Mind Body Spirit Festival, October 2022

Absolute Accuracy

“Shyama read me with absolute accuracy and showed a lot of compassion. Would definitely recommend”

Mind Body Spirit Festival, October 2022


“Shyama is brilliant, very interesting read connecting to recent thoughts and possible changes, thank you xx”

Mind Body Spirit Festival, October 2022

Incredible Reader


“Shyama – Incredible reader, very friendly and kind, compassionate. Reading was amazing, thank you”

Mind Body Spirit Festival, October 2022

Excellent and Accurate

“Shyama was 100%. Thank you for the wisdom, insights, and kind words. The reading was excellent and accurate, with lots to reflect on.”

Mind Body Spirit Festival, October 2022


"Shyama is an extraordinary individual whose compassionate nature and empathetic approach have left a profound impact on me. Her ability to provide guidance with care, understanding, and honesty is truly commendable.

In my interactions with Shyama, I have found her to be not only a skilled reader but also a deeply caring and supportive presence. Her insights have offered me clarity and direction during times of uncertainty, and her gentle demeanor has helped me feel at ease.

What truly sets Shyama apart is her genuine desire to help others. She approaches every session with warmth and sincerity, creating a safe space for open dialogue and exploration. Her willingness to listen attentively and offer guidance tailored to my needs has been incredibly uplifting.

During moments when I needed support and encouragement, Shyama has been there, providing reassurance and understanding. Her unwavering commitment to her clients' well-being is truly inspiring, and I feel fortunate to have her as a guide on my journey.

I wholeheartedly recommend Shyama to anyone seeking support and guidance. With her by your side, you can navigate life's challenges with confidence and compassion.

Thank you, Shyama, for your exceptional support and empathy. You are a beacon of light for those in need, and I am grateful for the positive impact you've had on my life."

Harri - March 2024

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