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Clairvoyant, Divine Guides

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Allan is a very compassionate Spiritual Adviser and Clairvoyant who discovered his spiritual gifts when the Divine came to him and opened a world of sight and peace that he had never known. Allan has used these gifts together with the Tarot to help others for many years. His gifts include Clairaudient, Clairsentient, Clairvoyant, Remote Viewing and Divine Guidance. Let Allan help you get the insight so you may achieve peace and understanding in your life.


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Divine Guides


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Caring and Loving

What people say (23)

Absolutely Fantastic

Dear Allan, you are brilliant, absolutely fantastic, in all my life I have never come across a reader as amazing as you. For the first time ever someone has told me the truth it was outstanding and exciting , and it just flowed from you with such ease. From my heart to yours thank you for my new beginnings. You truly are a beautiful soul.

The Best Psychic

Allan is the most clear and accurate reader I have come across. He doesn`t just pick up on energies and situations in a vague way. He gives information in the clearest manner, as if talking to a person who`s actually involved in the situation. The reading I had with him today was amazing! I booked a 20min reading but it was extended to 1 hour. So much to talk about as if he were in the situation himself. He`s the best psychic, on here and compared to other psychics I see face to face.

V from Sydney, 18.07.2014

Best Readers

Allan is one of the best readers that I have talked to and I would recommend him to anybody that would like to get in contact with loved ones that passed. Allan knows what to do. He is very passionate.

Josie, Hawaii, USA 25.09.14

Most Gifted Clairvoyant

I have talked to and met many clairvoyants over the years. Allan is the most gifted clairvoyant I have spoken to. He has a direct path way to God. Allan is able to transmit and channel very profound messages of love, and is able to move you to tears, very few people in this world have that ability. And I would like to add that is Allan is a very kind and generous man. He is life changing.

Jill, 24.11.14

Highly Recommend Him

In the past, I've searched randomly and talked to many psychics before. Allan is the most special one to me. He is way more than just a psychic. He is also my counsellor and spiritual teacher. I highly recommend him to anyone.

Anonymous, Mar 15

He is Great!

I spoke with Alan on at least three occasions. He is very compassionate as his bio says. He immediately begins to whip out out info when a question is asked or not! He is great!

Nikki, CA

Thoughtful & Kind

Alan helps me to understand of who I am and to discover God. He helps me to understand the situations and my purpose of life. He helps me to lead to myself, to what I am truly capable of. I`ve learned to let go and open up to what life has offered. He really helps and improves some challenging relationships. He is non-judgement, very understanding, thoughtful & kind. Thank you!

P Hong Kong 26.5.16

I listen and follow his psychic and spiritual guidance

Allan has no problem telling you The Ugly Truth! I first contacted Allan two years ago about a man I was involved with. Other psychics had told me this man was going to leave his wife for me as he had vehemently promised. Wanting further confirmation, I contacted Allan and asked him the same question. Allan said the opposite of what other readers had said. I didn`t want to believe him and continued on with the relationship wasting more time of my life. The man that I was involved with ultimately broke my heart and did exactly what Allan predicted !! Now when I ask Allan an important question, I listen and follow his psychic and spiritual guidance. I have grown by leaps and bounds both spiritually and emotionally with the guidance and predictions of Allan


Best Advice Given

Allan had told me something I didn`t want to hear, it turned out to be the best advice given.

Miss B WA Dec 2018

A Beautiful Soul

Allan gave me a wonderful, amazing, incredible reading, and he is a beautiful soul.

Vanessa, Shropshire, July 19

He is Awesome

I have just had a reading with Allan and he helped me a great deal. I am so pleased he read for me today. He is awesome. Thank you for much Allan.

K Star, USA

A fascinating man with a beautiful gift

Allan is one of the most multi-dimensional psychics that I have ever had the pleasure of being read to. His relaxed, open and non-prejudice approach is what keeps me coming back again and again. Being acutely sensitive to the emotions of others, Allan can speak in a manner which will bring you back to a state of equilibrium without affecting the integrity of the reading. This reader will deliver succinct and accurate answers with speed to your questions, and more crucially, he is able to placate you if your imagination is acting a little too irrationally, or alert you to an area of your life that may need addressing. A fascinating man with a beautiful gift.

Camilla, UK Oct 19

Totally Amazing

Allan is totally amazing, and has really provided the answers and guidance I was seeking, I would highly recommend him.


Most amazing and accurate reader

I have had several readings with Allan and I would highly recommend him. He is the most amazing and accurate reader. It may take a while for things he tells you to happen as I realised after I consulted with him about a worrying situation for one of my family members. So just be patient. He has helped me so much and I am so grateful to him.

Bev, February 2022

Always Very Accurate!

Allan is a very direct to the point reader his readings are always very accurate and he gives excellent practical advice.

Bertilia - August 2022

A Truly Gifted Psychic

"Allan is truly a gifted psychic who mentioned details that no one could have known, it has happened more than once and all of his predictions have been accurate"

Lynette - August 2022

Very Straightforward and Confident Reader!

"Allan is a very straightforward and confident reader, he was able to connect straight away. Allan gives you confidence and reassured things that I was struggling to understand. He directed messages from the divine in a meaningful way. Thank you, Allan, for your reading."

T from Sydney - August 2022

Completely Accurate

"Allan has now twice blown me away with how accurate his readings are. I spoke to him earlier in the year and he was spot on and then again 2 weeks ago over another matter and again he was completely accurate. Would 100% recommend!"

Indra - November 2022

Delighted & amazed

"I've just had another amazing reading with Allan. He mentioned something during a previous reading and "out of the blue" the person appeared, I was truly shocked, delighted and amazed! Thank you so much Allan"

Berta - April 2023

Very accurate

"I had a very good reading with Allan, very accurate"

Berta - May 2023

Awesome reader

"I have been reading with Allan for the past few years and he is really an awesome reader. Last time when I spoke with him he gave insight as to certain changes that will take place in my life. Amazingly, everything he had told had already taken place in my life one after the other. I spoke to him today to confirm certain doubts and Allan very compassionately cleared my doubts with additional advice from spirit guides. He is an excellent psychic, very calm and compassionate reader whom I can trust totally. His readings are accurate and detailed. I can 100% recommend Allan to anyone. He is a wonderful soul and a great teacher. Thank you so much Allan for your guidance true as always."

T from Sydney - March 2024

One of the best readings I have had

"Allan is a wonderful reader, very warm and empathatic. Everything he said resonated with me he provided a lot of information was very kind and I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone. It was one of the best readings I have had for a long time and I am very happy with everything he said."

Ana - March 2024

The best psychic

"Allan is the best psychic i have ever used, he is very compassionate honest will not sugar coat, he will tell you everything the spirit world needs you to know. His accuracy is so precise we spoke about business and he actually stated it would work out 60/40 in our favour, it was completely true, and gave us the strength and determination to carry on through a very difficult situation. Thank you for everything you have done over the years."

Anonymous - May 2024

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