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Your Astrological Love Match Guide - Part 1
21 July 2021

Your Astrological Love Match Guide - Part 1

Swept of your feet by a luscious Leo? Intrigued by a chatty Gemini? Whether you’re at the beginning of your Zodiac love journey, planning something different for an upcoming date night with your long-term love, understanding your Zodiac love matches personality traits is a great way to arm yourself with the tools to understand their wants and needs. Discover more in Part 1 of our Astrological dating guide. 

ARIES – Fiery & Energetic!

Have you fallen head over horns for a fiery Ram? As the ring leaders of the Zodiac circle, it is important to remember they love to take charge and taking the lead is just what they do best! Aries love the thrill of the chase, so if your set on capturing the heart of a romantic ram, then let them do the running! They will love it if you keep them guessing just long enough until you allow yourself to be caught. 

  • Don’t get on their wrong side: Don’t talk about your ex! As leaders of the Zodiac, Aries are not ones to take second place when it comes to matters of the heart! 

  • They’ll adore you more: Let them have center stage (occasionally)! They love to talk about themselves, but you’ll be paid back in time when they show their dedication to listening to your hopes and dreams. 

TAURUS – Practical But True Romantic! 

Falling for a Taurus is definitely a journey of patience. Don’t be fooled by this bull's apparent stubbornness, they are not ones to be rushed. ‘Slow & Steady’ could almost be the middle name of all Taureans, so don’t be fooled even if they do come across as quick. It’s all part of their undercover tactics. You will eventually realise your patience and understanding was definitely worth the wait when you reap the rewards of their love and loyalty. 

  • Don’t get on their wrong side: Give them time to prepare. Taureans aren’t fans of being put on the spot or short notice plans. 

  • They’ll adore you more: Don’t push them! Let them stay in their comfort zone until they are ready to let you in. Although they are practical beasts, they are lovers of finer things, so don’t be shy about treating them to a luxury experience every now and then! 

GEMINI – Whitty & Exhilarating! 

If Gemini’s could have their own chat show, they’d have a prime-time slot! As a Mercury sign, Gemini’s are the chatterboxes of the Zodiac. They’ve got no issue getting into a chat or a debate. If you can keep up with the pace then nothing grabs their attention quicker than a potential love interest who is much more than a pretty face, with a sharp mind and a quick wit. 

  • Don’t get on their wrong side: Keep the mood light and don’t come on too strong. Gemini’s duality makes them quite playful, so if you can get on their fun side, you’ll keep them coming back for more. 

  • They’ll adore you more: As the Kings and Queens of wit, laughter is a sure way to win a Gemini’s heart, especially if you have a good chuckle at one of their jokes. 

CANCER – Intuitive With A Secret Wild Side 

Once you’ve figured out how to break through a Cancerian's hard outer shell, you’ll soon realise that they are one of the most protective signs of the Zodiac, especially when it comes to safeguarding their emotions. They will be quick to shy away and disappear into their shell in uncomfortable situations. However, try not to take this personally as more than likely that you’ve made a positive impression.  

  • Don’t get on their wrong side: Cancerians are great keepers of secrets and really value their privacy, so don’t expect them to spill their deepest, darkest secrets too soon. 

  • They’ll adore you more: If you really want to make them laugh and make an impression, choose a quiet moment to make them laugh and draw them out of their comfort zone. They’ll certainly appreciate a more intimate joke, reserved for just the two of you. 

LEO – Passionately Loyal 

Loving a Leo can be a challenge at times! They love to be the center of attention, so your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to find a way to be their partner in crime, rather than just an audience participant. Get them to pick you out of the crowd with some tactical flattery and soon, even the toughest of Lions will soon be eating out of the palm of your hand like a kitten. 

  • Don’t get on their wrong side: Flirting with others, even in jest is a sure-fire way to put off a Leo. Be prepared to give them your full, undivided attention. 

  • They’ll adore you more: Leo’s thrive off confidence, so make sure you show your confident side and let your light shine. They will soon be drawn in, ready to make you the King or Queen of their jungle. 

VIRGO – Expressively Intellectual 

If you’re fascinated by a Virgo, then get ready for a challenge. As true perfectionist, be prepared and be aware of their high standards. You will be put under scrutiny from day one, even if you don’t realise it, but this is only because they want the best out of life. Just make sure you put their mind at ease and give them lots of approval and listen attentively. 

  • Don’t get on their wrong side: Don’t be over be over critical with a Virgo. They are not ones to take criticism on the chin, despite being perfectionists. If you’re on a fault-finding mission with a Virgo and they feel as if they are being picked apart, then you can soon kiss them goodbye.  

  • They’ll adore you more: Virgos have high standards, so making a little extra effort for them will really go a long way. Maybe plan a date night where you can both get dressed up in your best outfits. They adore sophistication and style, but nothing too outrageous! 

Enjoyed Part 1 of our Astrological Love Match Guide? Don’t forget to read more in Part 2 HERE.  

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