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Your Astrological Love Match Guide - Part 2
21 July 2021

Your Astrological Love Match Guide - Part 2

Mesmerised by an artistic Piscean? Caught off balance by a flirtatious Libran? Working out your Zodiac love compatibility match can be a confusing affair at times. However not to fear, we are here to help in Part 2 of our Astrological Love Match Guide. Find you perfect Zodiac love sign. 


LIBRA – Fair, But Flirtatious 

Librans, love balance and seeing things from both sides, but if you really want to win their heart, you’ll need to find a way to tip the scales in your favour! They love a bit of charm, genuine support and will always value the people who are there for them, so it’s no wonder they are a sign of partnerships. You’ll rarely find gaps when pursuing a relationship with a Libra, so when there is a window of opportunity, take a chance and leap through it. 

  • Don’t get on their wrong side: Don’t rely on them to make all the decisions. Librans will always see things from both sides, so they will love it when you take control to make final decisions for them. 

  • They’ll adore you more: Say what you think and throw lots of ideas into the mix. Librans love different opinions, so when they ask for input on a situation, don’t be afraid to throw a few ideas out there no matter how wild they might seem. It's all part of the fun! 

SCORPIO – Fiercely Intense, But Dedicated 

Scorpios love subtlety, so it’s a good idea to keep this in mind on your road to seduction. They love an air of mystery as part of their power games, so try to not hang on their every word as they’ll soon lose interest. Scorpios are prone to jealousy, so a little bit of healthy competition will work wonders if you want them to chase you! 

  • Don’t get on their wrong side: Don’t try to take charge all the time! Scorpios love to believe they are in the driving seat. Try to mix things up and make decisions together but let them take charge when needed. 

  • They’ll adore you more: Scorpions are passionate creatures. Dressing up for a date in a seductive yet sophisticated outfit will really stir up their passions. 


SAGITTARIUS – Creative Adventurer 

If you can get on the same wavelength as a Sagittarian, then you will be putty in their hands! Quiz them about their ideas, hopes and dreams. They’ll adore you even more for showing a genuine interest in what drives them, although you may be there for a few hours! As the sign of the higher mind, Sagittarians take a disliking to falsity of any kind. Make sure you are your natural self and don’t play games. Giving honest straight answers will make you irresistible to them. 

  • Don’t get on their wrong side: Give them time. Sagittarians are a freedom loving sign and need lots of space, so don’t try to push commitment on too early. 

  • They’ll adore you more: If you want to win over a Sagittarius, splash out on your first date and do something on a big scale. Your generosity will not go unnoticed. 


CAPRICORN – Romantic, Sensual & Grounded 

With a few exceptions, Capricorns are generally conservative creatures at heart! Once you break through their barrier of polite conversation and courtesy, or turning everything into a joke, you will soon realise they secretly crave affection, but not at the cost of their dignity.  

  • Don’t get on their wrong side: Capricorns hate ridicule. Making fun of them, especially in front of others is a direct route to being frozen out. 

  • They’ll adore you more: Capricorns are goal focused. Spend some time to discover more about their ambitions, what they love about work, hobbies and their future goals in life. 


AQUARIUS – The Lover of Humanity 

Aquarians are high level thinkers, always looking towards the bigger picture. They love to talk about humanity and the complexities of human nature. All you have to do is get them talking, but don’t be surprised if they end up asking you a million and one questions in response! Although Aquarians are inquisitive about others, they like their privacy. Try not to ask too many personal questions too quickly. By establishing a friendship first, you can earn their trust and eventually let them know that you want to be more than just a friend. 

  • Don’t get on their wrong side: Don’t be overly possessive! Aquarians are known to be true humanitarians, fighters for the people, working towards driving societal change. If you’re looking for someone to have all to yourself, then an Aquarius may not be your cup of tea! 

  • They’ll adore you more: For some it’s chocolates, others its oysters, but for an Aquarian, intelligence is their aphrodisiac. Show to your knowledge to them by talking about subjects they love. But if you want to give them a real treat teach them something new, you’ll be in conversation for hours! 

PISCES – Enchanting & Creative 

Imaginative and true romantics, Pisceans are believers in love at first sight! If you are both sensitive and empathic, you’re sure to click with a Pisces. Pisceans are very open minded and all about creating strong partnerships, so make discovering what you have in common with each other an adventure and connect with each other in mind, body, spirit and soul. 

  • Don’t get on their wrong side: Don’t dismiss their dreams or interrupt them midway in their flow of creative imagination! Give them the opportunity to talk about their hopes and dreams. Why not share a few of your own too. 

  • They’ll adore you more: Play to their emotional side. Rather than asking them what they think about a situation, ask them how they feel. 

Missed Part 1 of our Astrological Love Match Guide? Discover more Zodiac personality traits and dating do’s and don’ts HERE in Part 1 and find your perfect Zodiac love sign. 

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